How Do You Get A Six Pack?

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  • Author Sean Osullivan
  • Published June 11, 2012
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This is what people want to know, six pack abs are rated highly in multiple best body part surveys by both sexes, in this article I will outline: how do YOU get a six pack so you can become an object of desire.

First thing to know is that you already have a six pack! So how do you get a six pack if you already have a six pack? Well it’s just covered by your body fat, so what you need to do is check your diet to burn of the fat. You need to refocus your eating plan to include high protein content, vegetables and slow burning carbs (such as lentils). You could eat can after can of lentils all day if you wanted to because of the way your body processes these carbs. Protein is also required, it’s not naturally produced by humans and is the fundamental building block of your body’s makeup, and it also takes more energy to digest. This is the six pack diet, now before you baulk and say that’s not possible or nonsense do some further digging, there are plenty of diets that are full of flavour that meet this criteria, the diet is not calorie limited, you can eat as much protein and slow burning carbs as you want and you will change your bodies mechanism from storing fat to burning fat.

Then you need to throw out cardio exercises and abdominal specific exercises, yes that’s right, throw them out! If you are using these exercises as your main six pack workout strategy then you are misguided. How you get a six pack is by focusing on weight bearing exercises that engage your large muscle groups, such as squats, deadlifts and clean and press, these exercises stress the body and increase your metabolism more effectively than cardio strategies and that’s what’s required, they also require you to stabilise your core which works the abdominal muscles in the process. The only effective cardio for losing fat is for extended durations, such as when you are climbing a mountain and go walking for days on end, how many of those people come back carrying excess weight!? So maybe if you have the time and want to see some breathtaking nature see if there are some guided walks around your way and go bush for a few days!! You would want to ensure you are walking twelve hours a day and that your diet is not compromised. But in your normal day to day life the best six pack workouts don’t involve cardio or ab crunches etc. at all.

So getting a ‘Six Pack’ is a function mainly of diet, eat those slow release carbs, veges and protein, if you are a foodie find some recipes that stimulate your taste buds, eat and be full. When you are at the gym do exercises that stress your whole body musculature with intensity, these also stabilise your core. Before you know it your six pack will be revealed, be patient things don’t happen overnight, this is how to get a six pack. Simple. Be focused, disciplined and patient, follow the above steps.

About the author: Sean OSullivan has been training for 17 years through various phases of the body transformation process from building muscle to losing fat. Stay tuned for further information and visit to receive further updates and direct access to a free video presentation

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