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  • Author Keith Kavander
  • Published June 8, 2012
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Barbie is the ultimate fashion doll for little girls, and it is only fitting that she has somewhere she can call home. The Barbie 3 Story Dream House is a luxurious abode for the fashionable blonde icon. This fancy pink townhouse is sure to be on any young girl's Christmas or birthday wish list. Expect hours of fascinating fun when you give that special little girl this dream dwelling for her Barbie dolls and accessories. It is fully furnished and has whimsical touches fit for a glamorous toy doll (and friends!). Additionally, each level has things that can be lit up, make sounds, and other interactive features.

Product Features

Each Level Boasts of Interactive Light and Sound Features:

Going beyond merely providing Barbie a place to sleep, eat, and dress up in, the Barbie 3 Story Dream House offers plenty of interactive features for extra-fun playtime. The battery-run doorbell really rings, and the pink chandelier lights up. The same goes for the top deck lights, kitchen timer, flushing toilet, and shower stall which allows Barbie to "sing" whenever she's taking a bath!

A Personal Elevator Goes Up And Down All Three Floors:

Barbie can go up and down all three levels of her dream townhouse without using the stairs. She only has to step into her pink personal elevator to access all the rooms, amenities, as well as party with her fashionable friends on the roof deck.

Luxurious and Lavish Touches Encourages Creative Playtime:

Filled to the rafters with lavish accessories and furniture pieces, Barbie's townhouse is definitely something that can ignite any little girl's imagination during playtime. She and her friends can do role playing games with this dollhouse and create their own narratives based on the dolls and accessories on hand.


Amenities and Features Ensure Hours of Playtime Fun:

Investing in a Barbie 3 Story Dream House means you can expect that special little girl in your life to spend a lot of time in her playroom or bedroom just having fun with all that this dollhouse has to offer. She can spend hours of creative and quiet play alone, or else have her friends over for a fun-filled role playing time.

A True Barbie Collectible, And Not Just For Kids:

Many Barbie enthusiasts agree that Mattel has outdone itself with this dream dollhouse. A grown-up collector says it thusly, "It really is the best Barbie brand house I have ever owned, and I owned plenty as a kid--wish they had this when I was growing up!"


No Dolls Included With Purchase:

Unfortunately, the Barbie 3 Story Dream House does not come with a single Barbie doll. Still, many buyers choose to consider it an accessory to a collection of Barbie dolls instead of the other way around.

Elevator May Prove Hard to Assemble and Install:

Amazon's product description has a side note indicating that there could be some confusion when assembling the parts of the elevator together. An excerpt of a customer-written review seems to reinforce this, "Another customer was right, the elevator is the trickiest part to put together--but I discovered that I was trying to fit the top clip in the opposite way, oopsy. Once I fixed that, it only took me another minute to clip in."

Customer Reviews

Four out of five stars and the number one ranking in the Dollhouses category at Amazon speak volumes of how customers find the Barbie 3 Story Dream House. The many interactive features, fashionable accessories and furniture pieces, and luxurious amenities makes this dollhouse truly a collector's item, aside from being a playroom staple, of Barbie fanatics everywhere.

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