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  • Author Keith Kavander
  • Published June 13, 2012
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The attraction of dollhouses transcends time and most toy trends. Kidkraft Majestic Dollhouse offers a classic favorite to little girls everywhere who need quiet and inventive playtime. This product is filled to the rafters (pun unintended!) with many charming detail and exciting features to ensure hours of creative pretend play. Ideal for kids three years and older, this dollhouse is really majestic as its name implies. Its dimensions are suitable for group plays. More importantly, it accommodates a little girl's growth without losing its appeal after just a few seasons.

Product Features

Thirty-Four Piece Starter Furniture Set:

The Kidkraft Majestic Dollhouse generously provides thirty-four starter accessories with each purchase. These include highly detailed furniture pieces such as a grandfather clock, dainty chairs, a vanity table, etc....all made of real wood.

Working Elevator and Garage Doors:

This dollhouse provides a modern twist to an otherwise quaint and classic piece of playroom toy. It features both a working elevator to transport dolls up and down the second and third levels, plus a pair of huge swinging garage doors to accommodate a toy car plus other pieces of furniture.

Wide-Open Windows That Offer a Unique POV:

Despite one side of the dollhouse being fully open for easy access, the Kidkraft Majestic also includes big windows in the three other sides. This allows kids to peek into the rooms for a delightful view of the interiors.


Can Also Accommodate Fashion Dolls:

The proportions of the Kidkraft Majestic Dollhouse, which are 51 by 14 by 52.8 inches, are spacious enough for fashion dolls around 12 inches tall to "live" in. As one satisfied customer puts it, "It is really big with more than enough room for my 3 daughters to play Barbie dolls and such."

Can Last Years of Play:

While some dollhouse fanatics may have issues with the scaling of the Kidkraft dollhouse, many parents who bought it love how their little girls can grow up with them. One mom in particular describes it thusly, "This house is HUGE, my daughter is 4 and can't even see into the top floor. I think this house can last for years of play and grow with your child, so I would definitely purchase this item, it's an excellent value for a great price."


The Staircase Is Made of Plastic:

While most of the starter furniture and accessories are made of wood, the staircase isn't. It is not a big issue, but it does tend to look out of place with the rest of the accessories.

Might Require a Stepping Stool for Smaller Kids:

Again, this is not altogether a negative thing since a huge dollhouse ultimately means it can accommodate a child's growth. However, it might require extra effort on a small child to reach up to the top floors of the Kidkraft Majestic Dollhouse, so a stepping stool is recommended.

Customer Reviews

To say that the buyers of Kidkraft Majestic Dollhouse are raving about it at Amazon would be an understatement. It currently ranks 9th in the Dollhouses category, and earns five out of five stars. As one satisfied customer describes this product in one sentence, "For the price, you get double the dollhouse you get from other models that are just a small amount cheaper."

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