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  • Author Keith Kavander
  • Published June 6, 2012
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With a Southern mansion theme, the Savannah Dollhouse makes for a charming and enduring playroom staple for that special little girl. It features six spacious rooms and four levels. This is a dollhouse that pays loving attention to dimension and detail. Featuring a wooden structure, the Savannah dollhouse incorporates true Southern touches in its design and furnishing. Included with each dollhouse are thirteen furniture pieces to start with. There are even more accessories available and sold separately for your little girl to collect and decorate her dollhouse with as years go by.

Product Features

Generous Thirteen-Piece Starter Furniture Set:

While other dollhouses throw in the perfunctory 4 to 5-piece starter set, the Savannah Dollhouse generously provides over a dozen pieces of furniture to begin with. These are beautifully and thoughtfully crafted pieces, too: the armchairs and love seats come with cushions, and the beds have real sheets.

Wide-Open Windows Allow A Unique Perspective:

Some dollhouses have tiny windows because they open up as halves, anyway. The Savannah has one side fully open, yet still features wide enough windows on two other sides of it so kids can see through them into the rooms.

Enough Space to Accommodate 11.5-Inch Fashion Dolls:

Little girls who already own fashion dolls around a foot tall can fit them in the Savannah dollhouse with plenty of room to move around. This encourages them to be imaginative and creative when incorporating toys they already own, and not merely rely on matching sets and accessories.


Six Generously Proportioned Rooms in Four Levels:

The Savannah Dollhouse is a four-storey affair and quite tall. Children will not have any difficulty slouching down to play with it. Each of the six rooms is generously proportioned to accommodate furniture, accessories, and dolls alike.

Truly a Toy That Grows With Your Child:

Both its dimensions and timeless elegance and appeal make this dollhouse the perfect toy to accompany your child's growth. She will likely spend hours of quiet and creative playtime with it as it does not go out of style through the years, unlike other trendy toys.


Might Be Too Tall For Smaller Children:

As previously mentioned, the Savannah Dollhouse is quite tall (around 51 inches high) so smaller kids may find it hard to reach up to the top floors and the attic. However, this can be easily remedied with a stepping stool, and many parents actually see it as a pro because kids are not likely to outgrow this toy quickly.

Some Dollhouse Parts Are Not Constructed From Wood:

The product description at Amazon indicates that the Savannah dollhouse is made entirely of wood, but some customers who bought it claim it isn't. Some parts are wooden, though many others are made of either plastic or cardboard.

Product Reviews

Currently enjoying 4.5 stars in a 5-star customer rating system at Amazon, the Savannah Dollhouse is just the thing to accompany your little girl's growth as she plays with it using creativity and imagination. It is a great addition to your child's playroom, and one that is likely to stay there for years and years.

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