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  • Published June 13, 2012
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Toddlers need an outdoor toy that can help them develop loco-motor aptitude, as well as one that challenges their cognitive skills. The Step2 All Star Sports Climber is a durable kiddie outdoor gym set which aims to meet both of these challenges, and then some. It provides several activities in one set up for kids aged twenty-four months to eight years.

This product from Step2 currently ranks eighth in the outdoor play department at Amazon. It encourages small children to run, play, climb, kick, and pass in a series of specially designed sports-like playtime facilities. It is durable and built to last for years.

Product Features

Cool Climber Features:

Toddlers can learn to climb using the Step2 All Star Sports Climber's fun rock wall. It is attached to a slide so they can go down and then climb up again for hours of active playtime.

A Basketball Hoop with Scoreboard:

Even small children can learn the fundamentals of the numbers system with a scoreboard that is attached to this outdoor gym. You can teach them how to keep score whenever they successfully shoot the basketball through the hoop.

Comes With a Miniature Soccer Ball, Basketball, and Football:

True to its name, this Step2 activity center is all-sports, as evidenced by the three inflatable balls that come with it. There is a toddler-sized basketball to shoot into the attached hoop, plus a soccer ball and a football.


Perfect Size for Toddlers:

The Step2 All Star Sports Climber measures 30 by 63 by 43 inches which is in keeping with toddlers' average height. One satisfied parent describes it thusly, "Perfect for my 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old...It is tall enough so my tall 3 year can actually slide."

Can Be Placed Indoors or Outdoors:

Though it is to all intents and purposes an outdoor gym, the All Star Sports Climber can also be kept indoors especially during wintertime. Below is a humorous excerpt from a customer-written review at Amazon about it, "Set this up shortly after receiving it for Xmas and came home to my husband playing soccer with my 3 sons in the dining room! Overall happy to see them having a good lighthearted time. Winter will be tough because the little ones are so little. This will enable a little more action and adventure inside and keep the 18 month old from attempting to slide down the arms of furniture."


May Prove Too Small for Kids Above Two Years Old:

One critical review at Amazon regarding the Step2 All Star Sports Climber is how the buyer's daughters, who are two going on three, already seem to be getting too big for the gym. She relates her experience with the following quote, "We bought this for our twin girls. They are 2 years old, soon to be 3, and as soon as they sit down on the slide their feet are only about 6 inches from the bottom of the slide. So they end up sliding only a few inches before their feet stop them."

Balls Require Inflating with a Bike Pump:

Several buyers raised the issue of having to inflate the soccer ball, basketball, and football using a bike pump. Not all homes have this, unfortunately, as one customer pointed out, "My only issue is that the balls have to be inflated with a bicycle pump, which I do not own, so we haven't inflated them yet."

Customer Reviews

More than just being an outdoor plastic slide, the Step2 All Star Sports Climber is a fun tool to help toddlers be active in a safe and educational way whether it is indoors or outdoors. This colorful all-in-one gym currently enjoys 4.5 stars out of a 5-star rating scheme at Amazon, and the way buyers rave about it underlines what a keeper of a toy it is.

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