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  • Published June 6, 2012
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Easy to assemble, the Little Tikes Swing Along Castle will bring out the little prince, princess, knight, or maiden in your beloved toddler. It integrates a sturdy swing and slide set with other creative features. Expect hours of creative and imaginative play time with this castle-inspired outdoor play set. You can expect enjoyable active play without having to worry about your kids' safety. Little Tikes is always on its toes to provide durable gym sets with safety features. Other accessories included in this colorful kiddie set up ensure that your special little ones will have a grand time

Product Features

Swings Have Safety Belts:

Even the tiniest toddlers will not be in danger of slipping off the sturdy plastic swing, thanks to the three-point safety belts provided. They fit snugly around and under the waist so little ones are buckled up safe and sound while swinging.

Slide Ensures Soft Landings:

The gently sloping slide of this Little Tikes model guarantees soft landings for even the tenderest bottoms. The slide is not too steep unlike other gym sets.

Sturdy "Rock Wall":

Kids can have a fun time using the plastic handholds behind the slide to climb up, and then slide back down. The "rock wall" is a great way to hone toddlers' psychomotor skills while they are at play.


Fun Accessories to Ignite Imagination:

Along with the climbing wall, slide, and swing, kids can have fun with the attached swiveling telescope and steering wheel. Quiet and creative pretend play can blend well with more active recreation.

Ideal for Playing Inside and Outside the Home:

The Swing Along Castle is manufactured as an outdoor play set, yet kids can still enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes. It is light enough to be transferred indoors in case of foul weather conditions.


Not So Flexible Swing Bars:

Understandably, the Little Tikes Swing Along Castle was built for safe playtime, hence the rigid bars holding the toddler swing in place. This has limits the swinging to a to-and-fro movement and is not expected to perform circular and other kinds of movement.

Slide Might Be Too Short for Taller Children:

Measuring 41.25 by 58.54 by 50.25 inches, this kiddie gym set is really meant for toddler play. In some instances, though, taller kids might find the rock wall and slide too short for them to enjoy and can tire of them fast.

Customer Reviews

The Little Tikes Swing Along Castle is a magical and creative kiddie gym set up which enables both quiet pretend play and more active recreation. It is currently number 72 in the outdoor play category at Amazon, and earns many rave reviews from parents who bought it for their toddlers.

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