Will Jupiter Jack Adapters Really Work With Any Phone?

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  • Author David Biggs
  • Published June 29, 2012
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The Jupiter Jack hands free car system has been around for a while. The claims made by the website are quite large and many think that it is simply too good to be true. The tiny device claims to work with any cellular phone and in any vehicle with an FM radio capability which is almost all of them. So, how is it able to make such claims when we all know how different cell phones can be, added with different vehicles as well? The truth is that they send you a variety of adapters when you send them your order for the Jupiter Jack, which helps to adapt the tiny device to be used by any phone. But, will those adapters really make the device work with any phone, in any car?

How Does it Work?

It’s easy to see how the Jupiter Jack is compatible with every car. After all, when was the last time you saw a car that did not connect to an FM radio signal? Every vehicle on the market has at least radio functionality if not more so it’s safe to say that the Jupiter Jack will easily connect with any vehicle, but what about your phone? It uses the headset jack on your phone to broadcast the call into your car’s speakers through the FM radio. If you have ever looked at two cell phones side by side you have likely noticed just how different the ports for plugging in earphones can be. Many cellphone companies want you to purchase their special headsets for the phones and so make a unique plug in associated with their brand. Luckily, Jupiter Jack adapters can get through that obstacle by making one to fit any phone. Using these small adapters is quite simple and is as easy as locating the one in the package for your phone and plugging it in, then plugging the Jupiter Jack into the adapter.

Jupiter Jack Adapters

The device is shipped with six different Jupiter Jack adapters that should fit most cell phone styles. On the off chance that there is not one to fit your specific model, you can simply contact the company and let them know what model of phone you have. Then, they will quickly send out the proper adapter for your phone. It’s not likely that this will be necessary, however, because the six that they come with can easily handle most situations. The best part is that you can save the adapters that you don’t need in case you replace your phone in the future and need a different adapter.

What Customers Say

So, what do customers think about the adapters? Are they easy to use, or are they a pain? Will you experience a lot of difficulty finding one to fit your phone or is it generally pretty straightforward?

"I bought this for my husband's mp3 player because he is constantly on the road and has to use the earplugs. It came with plenty of attachments and I found one easily that worked."

-Wrightbythesea from Amazon.com

As you can see, this customer found it quite easy to locate the proper adapter for her husband’s mp3 player to get it working no problem.

In Conclusion

Using one of the many Jupiter Jack adapters makes this product one of the most versatile out there. If you want to be able to legally use your phone in your vehicle, or if you’d like to use a mp3 player with this device, then all you need is the proper adapter to do so.

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