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  • Published March 7, 2013
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The Advaita Pranamat is an effective acupressure tool that promotes self-healing, relaxation and revitalization that restores the energy flow of your body. It is almost a reflexology mat that stimulates the pressure points combining ancient wisdom, bio design and modern technologies. And on top of that no complicated massage techniques are needed.

If you answered yes to the questions above, you won't be wondering why your Yantra mat doesn't work for you! Because our Tibetan Acupressure Mats work in 99.99% of cases! And it doesn't perform as well in 0.01% when people simply forget to lie on it!

The maximum effect from using an Acu mat can simply be achieved by using it on a hard flat surface. The flat base and Spike distribution of the Tibetan Acu Mat is an important part of treatment quality and results. Padded mats or increased spike density simply reduce the Acupressure effect

The latest research shows that of all of the alternative therapies, acupressure is regarded as the effective in helping to treat hormonal disturbances. Acupressure has, of course, traditionally been successfully employed in China to treat most illnesses but in recent times, there were several interesting controlled scientific studies demonstrating the clinical worth of acupressure for acne sufferers.

The most interesting results were achieved by using Acupressure treatment directly on the acne affected areas. While acting as acupressure points trigger which stimulates and sedates various meridians, the Tibetan Acupressure mat (size 19x38 cm) performs a deep tissue massage which dramatically improves blood and lymph circulation to the treated area. Increased blood circulation boosts oxygen supply to the skin cells which in its turn helps you to activate regeneration process of the skin tissue.

Reduction of stress - the entire experience can be relaxing and energising, and may be a valuable stress-reducing treatment Conventional medicine does not know how acupuncture works, but there have been lots of studies that show it is effective.

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