9 foam roller exercises that will ease muscle soreness

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  • Published December 13, 2016
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Roller exercises are a great way to loosen tight muscles leaving you feeling better by easing muscle soreness. Below are 9 foam roller exercises that you can perform to improve your muscles.

  1. Hamstrings

You can do this easy level roller exercise at home or gym. To perform this exercise, you should start by placing the foam roller on the floor. Then sit with your left leg bent on the floor while your right leg is on the roller. Place your hands behind your body and your fingers should be pointing away from you. Roll the foam roller between your knee to just under the butt. Repeat the procedure with now your left leg on the roller and your right leg bent on the floor.

  1. Adductors

You can do this easy level exercise at home or at the gym to help loosen the tight muscles of the inner thighs. To perform this exercise you start by lying on the floor with your face down. Use your forearms to prop the upper body. Place the foam roller under inner thighs just close to the pelvis. Roll the foam roller to the inside of your knee.

  1. Quads

To perform this exercise, begin by lying face down with the roller being positioned just above the knee of your right leg. Using your arms and left leg, gently move up and down for about 4-5 times. Switch to the other side and repeat the process.

  1. IT-Bands

To perform this easy level exercise, place the foam roller on the outside of your thigh just above the bottom knee. Use your bottom elbow to gently move your body up and down your outer thigh. Once you are through, switch to the other side and repeat the process.

  1. Glutes

To perform this easy level exercise, sit on the roller while crossing your right leg over your left. While putting the weight of your hands for support lean towards the right hip. Gently roll from the glute to the back of your hip bone then roll back to the original position. Switch to the other side then repeat the above process.

  1. Lats

You can perform this easy level exercise at home or at the gym to reduce the soreness of your back muscles. To carry out this exercise, position your back under the foam roller. Let the roller roll gently under the body.

  1. Thoracic spine

To perform this exercise, start by placing the foam roller in a vertical position. Then lie face up and allow your head and buttocks to be supported by the roller. With your hands positioned towards the ceiling, bring out the arms to 90 degrees. Hold your arms gently on the ground and hold this position for 30-60 seconds. Cross your arms then touch your shoulders with your hands. Gently roll your trunk on each side for 30-60 seconds.

  1. Upper back

To perform this easy level exercise lie with your face up with the roller being positioned below your shoulder blades. Interlock your fingers then place them behind your head to act as support. Roll up and down by pushing your feet then roll from shoulder blades to mid back. Do this process for 30-60 seconds.

  1. Calves

To perform this easy level exercise, place the foam roller on the floor and sit in front of the roller. Position your left leg such that the roller is just above the ankle. Place your right leg on top to add pressure on the left leg. Lift your body off the ground slowly and roll forward and backward along your calf.

Tip: the sore areas are the areas where you experience discomfort because of tight muscles when you are exercising. While performing these foam exercises, hold for 30-60 seconds on the areas that you experience discomfort to loosen the muscles. These exercises will help you loosen these tight muscles.

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