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  • Published December 29, 2016
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An important part of a child's life is learning. Parents need to select toys which entertain and educate a child, and this will lead to a positive and productive life. Here are some things to consider when looking for appropriate children's learning toys.

What is your child's age? The learning toy needs to be age-related. For your child, it is better to select a toy which is for a slightly older child, rather than a toy for a younger age range. This may be more challenging to find, but in the long run it may be easier money-wise and last longer. A toy that is stimulating a child's curiosity will hold his or her interest longer.

Is the toy appealing to your child? What will spark your child's attention? Musical toys are great for children. A set of blocks is great for both young and older children. As a child grows older and is able to build houses, etc., a set of vehicles and/or people can be added for a lot of imaginative play. There is a wide selection of electronic toys. And there are a lot of outdoor toys, like a skip rope or a sports ball, which gives a child physical and adventurous play and will keep them entertained for a long time.

Does the toy look good? Younger children love bright colors and happy images. A more sophisticated looking toy for older children will challenge their minds and pique their curiosity more.

Will the toy last for a long time? It's always wise to select a toy that will last more than a few minutes. Toys can be put through an endurance test by children. Is it powered so you will need to have replacement batteries on hand? Cheaper and more flimsy toys may not last as long, or provide as much of a lasting educational experience, as a quality toy which may cost a little more.

Will the toy challenge your child? Children's learning toys which challenge their minds will provide the most entertainment. Toys which involve pushing buttons to make a cartoon character jump will not make your child think, or use his or her brain. There are some basics needed in toys so your child can learn while playing. Creativity and imaginative improvising, easy manipulation of pieces, hand-to-eye coordination, shapes, counting, colors and sorting are some of the basics your child needs to learn. Some good examples are toy musical instruments if your child likes to move and sing along. Stacking toys, wooden puzzles and mazes are great for coordination. Puppets and dolls inspire their imagination. The magnetic toys are easy to use and are great for encouraging creativity.

Will the toy be safe? Learning toys with small and sharp pieces can be harmful for young children. They are geared more for older children. Parental guidance is recommended. Be sure there are no harmful chemicals or materials listed on the packaging, and don't use any toys which will cause harm.

The vast array of learning toys on the market can be very confusing for the first time, or a seasoned parent. You will be able to find learning toys which will be durable, challenging and entertaining for your child. Choose wisely and you and your child will have no regrets.

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