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Trolley is the essential accessory for serving your customers the best. A trolley should be made of classic material and design. It can also be of modern design to leave good impression on your customers. In every hotel, there are different types of trolleys like room service trolley, housekeeping trolley and luggage trolley as well. They are used as per the different purposes of the customers and are kept ready in the hotel. To provide better hotel service, you need to keep some trolleys in advance to don’t let your customer to wait for it.

Different types of trolleys

•Room Service Trolleys

o With the use of room service trolley, you can serve to different customers at one time and can serve them without disturbing. The room service trolleys are available in various designs and colors for serving breakfast and other meals directly to their rooms. They are easy to move as there is a coaster in the legs of the room service trolleys. There are high quality room service trolleys available in the market with different layers made to cater different needs of the customers. It is possible that a customer order so many things at time and with the help of room service trolley, the servant can bring many things in a single time.

• House-keeping trolley

o These trolleys are used by room servant to move the bed linen, towels and cleaning equipments from the room and it is well stocked with many supplies and equipments. It can also perform removing and carrying the cleaning material, solid linen and garbage. Use of housekeeping trolley reduces the valuable time of the housekeeper as it gives assurance regarding availability of guest supplies together.

o Housekeeping trolleys are positioned in the linen room where other supplies are also stored. There should be expensive space in the housekeeping trolley that makes it able to stock supplies which are required by a room attendant in a specific workday. The housekeeping trolleys include three deep shelves, the lower two shelves with stocking linen and top shelves for stocking supplies. The trolley also contains a bag for collecting linen and removable thrash bags, a hand container, storing space for vacuum cleaner and guest room brochure. If room attendant does not have the master keys, the chamber carts may have guest room keys.

• Luggage Trolley

o Luggage trolley is made of hard material so as to carry large number of luggage with them. Luggage trolley is generally found near the counter area in a hotel. Every luggage trolley has much space to adjust your luggage and other heavy accessories with you. There are perfect wheels in the luggage trolley to carry and move the trolley to your room.


Room service trolley is designed to carry different supplies and serve the meals to the customer of the hotel. Housekeeping trolleys also come in various designs and colors to stock the linen bed sheet and other cleaning equipments. Luggage trolleys help you to carry heavy luggage and other materials to the customer’s room.

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