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  • Author Gisele Gamble
  • Published October 14, 2017
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Our living planet has given us many beautiful things. Crystals are one of them. For thousands of years, crystals have been used for their beauty and their power. The ancient Sumerians used crystals to perform magic spells. The Egyptians used crystals like lapis lazuli and emerald to make jewelry and amulets. Both crystals were used for protection. The ancient Greeks used amethyst to maintain sobriety and hematite to protect them in battle.

Jewelry made from crystals is not only beautiful but powerful. The Chinese used jade for beads and statues. I once saw an ancient Chinese burial suit made completely of jade. It was amazing. The American Indians have used turquoise in their jewelry.

Crystals were created when the earth formed. They continue to transform as our planet changes. Raw crystals may not be as attractive as a polished crystal but they are just as powerful. Being a living planet, everything that comes from the earth holds an energy vibration. The energy that created crystals remains inside each individual one. There is an atom and particles inside each crystal which is where the vibrations emanate from.

When I first started collecting crystals it was because I find them aesthetically pleasing. While other young girls were ogling diamonds I was collecting crystals. To me, they are beautiful and much more valuable than diamonds. As I got older I learned that crystals have metaphysical powers to help and heal. The more I learned the more fascinated I became.

I am a paranormal investigator and a writer. While doing paranormal investigations over the past seven years I’ve learned that everything is not black and white. To get what you want you have to give something. This is the way crystals work. In order to tune into the energy vibrations of crystals, one has to be able to concentrate and use one’s mind.

My dear friend is an empath and medium. I’ve watched her use pendulums to speak to spirits and divining rods to find portals. I recently gave her a Chakra pendant for her birthday. She immediately held it like a pendulum over the palm of her hand and it began to move. She wasn’t moving it either. It moved on its own. I ask her how she does that. She told me to focus on it then imagine energy moving down your arm to the hand under the pendulum. Then imagine the energy moving like a whirlwind. This was a way for it to read my energy. I tried it and was amazed. It worked! Although my friend has amazing abilities that she was born with, she says that we all have these skills. The catch is that we have to learn how to use them.

Researchers Nat and Tony Bondar call this concentration a "thoughtform". According to their research, the harder one concentrates on the thought, the larger and more powerful it becomes. They studied the Chakras and found an energy highway that runs through our bodies.

If you’re interested in trying to heal with crystals, this is worth researching. Just like anything else we learn, in order to get it right we have to practice, practice, and practice. I’ve been working on healing with my crystals and so far I’ve had some progress.

Gisele Gamble is a blogger and paranormal investigator. She has a website that sells amulets, crystals, and essential oils. You can shop now at

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Gisele Gamble
Gisele Gamble · 1 year ago
Thank you! I've used crystals during paranormal investigations and their power is amazing

Stephanie Fredricksen, LMT
Stephanie Fredricksen, LMT · 1 year ago
Very interesting article. I too believe in the healing power of crystals, and especially loved the part where you mentioned the more we concentrate on a thought, the larger it becomes. Thank you for sharing!