Which kind of articles should be written on a blog dedicated to machine tools?

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  • Author Chiara Makinate
  • Published October 14, 2017
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Do you have a blog and sometimes you do not have any idea about what to write? Or rather, you've opened for instance a blog about machine tools and do you think that the arguments are limited? Are you losing time and hope because you have absolutely no idea which are the best topics to talk about?

We could give you many answers to these questions, with different ideas and various solutions. But the correct answer is also the easier one: write something about machine tools. It sounds obvious, you will say. But it is the best choice, perhaps the only one.

If a user decides to read an article from your blog, he certainly read it not because he is bored or just because he's surfing the net from one site to an other one.

If someone gets into your blog's pages, especially if you have a blog about machine tools, it's only because he's looking for something specific, something regarding machine tools. If you succeed in making him staying in your blog, it means that you have been good enough at writing about topics that are interesting for your readers.

We list below some of the topics that can be useful for a blog dedicated to used machine tools.

We have taken as a sample an existing blog Makinews, the official blog of Makinate, a company specialized in the supply of used industrial machines.

Here as follow are some types of articles published on the blog.

1- General articles about the world of machine tools. In this category, it might be useful to try to describe machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, machining centers.

While describing one of these machines, you can also write a little bit about the technical details and show the main devices of the machines, this will help the reader to understand how the machine is made and how it works.

2- Technical articles to illustrate how machine tools work. The most appreciated articles are those that analyze in detail a specific part of a machine or the type of machining. For example, interesting articles are how the spindle works, or how the spindle is made. It is also possible to write about a specific machining, for example, we can illustrate the various types of machining of a lathe.

3- Updates on the machine tools world, upcoming trade fairs, innovations, industry 4.0, new laws and regulations in industrial sectors.

The 3 categories listed above are enough in order to catch up the attention of both expert and just curious readers in the specific field of machine tools. Very well written articles will help your blog to get a good reputation and to reflect the good quality of your work.

If you are interested in discovering Makinate's blog, please visit the website Makinate dot com and click on the "Industrial Blog" section in the lower section of the home page.

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