How Creating Art, Videography, and Music Helps Troubled Teens

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  • Author Chelsey Bullock
  • Published October 18, 2017
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For many troubled teens, turning to art may be a better language to communicate than talking. Creating art, videography, and music is a different therapeutic approach that appeals to teens as a way to express their current emotions and world. Their self-esteem and understanding soars when their project is finished. Art, videography, and music have many benefits in helping troubled teens.

A safe outlet: Instead of teens turning to other negative ways to express their anger and emotion, they can focus their attention on something that shines a positive light with a reward of accomplishment at the end. The art project gives the troubled teen something to look forward to on a daily basis, at which they can express their current emotions if needed.

A sense of control: The opportunity to use art as therapy gives the teen a sense of control. They are given the materials and allowed to craft their piece without someone making them do it a certain way. They may be given a topic like "make a video of the most important person in your life," but that's it. They are able to use their ideas and feelings.

Express interests: Art, videography, and music are all ways for teens to express their interests. Their projects helps other around to understand who they are and what they are currently going through. It helps break-through to troubled teens that usually are not up to share in any other way.

Discovers underlying thoughts and feelings: As a professional, a therapist conducting the art project may notice underlying thoughts and feelings of the troubled teen. A simple art project may save your teen from hurting themselves or using other mechanisms for relief. It provides an avenue for self-expression for those who find it difficult to share their inner emotional feelings.

Less of a direct focus: Art therapy is less invasive. Troubled teens struggle with expressing themselves, especially in certain situations. Given the opportunity to use art for therapy, instead of standard therapy sessions, teens will not feel pressured to share their thoughts verbally.

Art, videography, and music therapy all help support and enhance emotional growth, increase motivation, improve self-image, and gives a sense of identity. It is a healthy and positive outlet for all troubled teens to express and heal. If you are looking for art or music therapy programs for your troubled teen, look no further, at West Ridge Academy there are a wide range of art and music programs perfect for your teen.

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