Five Things to Consider in your 2019 SEO Strategies

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  • Author Joseph K.
  • Published October 24, 2018
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2018 is coming to an end, and most industry experts have given their predictions on the trends that are likely to change the shape of SEO in 2019. There have been diverse opinions so far with more than twenty-five strategies being the key to higher ranking in 2019. However, the fact that there are more prominent strategies to make you rank higher cannot be overstated. In this article, I look at five of the most important trends you have to begin implementing as the New Year fast approaches.

Mobile Focus: you predicted right. Mobile will continue to dominate the SEO debate in the New Year as it has been in 2018. As the world continues to witness massive development in technology, mobile phones are increasingly becoming an essential gadget for internet users to search for information.

Voice Search: again, we have all witnessed this trend in 2018. It goes hand in hand with the advancements in mobile technology and the ease of getting information at one’s palms. SEO experts have predicted that voice search will be a top SEO strategy in the coming year.

Amazon Search Optimization (AMSO): for businesses and websites seeking success on Amazon, around 7% of SEO experts have envisioned that AMSO will trend in 2019. Perhaps it is time you considered optimizing your sites in readiness for this.

Blockchain: this will have a significant impact on the way SEOs interact with websites, especially regarding technical changes. More than 10% of SEO experts share this vision.

Local Content: the final trend that is likely to change the face of is content. While it is advisable to create content for the general audience, experts are advising that you will need more focused content not only to your niche but also to your local area. This serves to boost your brand and make the residents in your area identify with your business. So in the coming year, you might want to be more proud of your business location and make your neighbors feel part of your establishment.

These are only five of the significant SEO strategies, which I feel will run the show in 2019. To stay ahead of the game and rank higher by the time your competitors will begin thinking about these, you need to start as early as now.

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