Application of Coloring Books in Children's Education

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  • Published February 7, 2019
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Could you imagine coloring pages as an educational tool? No? So better read the following article. You may change your mind after that...

Let's start with a statement that coloring can be a great way to combine children's innate curiosity and their creative capacities . The use of printable coloring pages in classrooms is pretty common. Its purpose is to support a process of learning and make it more attractive for children.

It has been already proven that children have a problem with learning unless their three sensory centers are stimulated at the same time. To make it more clear, when a teacher is talking plus writing something on a board, a child will have only two sensory centers active (visual and auditory). And this situation creates an only single connection in his brain. But when you add to this, for example, a nice coloring book, the situation changes. This will additionally create a kinesthetic activity. As a result, tripling the brain connections and substantially helping children to learn.

Would you like to learn more? Below, we discuss several other educational values of coloring pages in a child's development process.

  1. Artistic talent

Coloring gives children a big sense of satisfaction and raises self-esteem. When a little man completes a coloring book, this will awake a sense of self-worth and encourages for other, more demanding tasks. What is more, coloring has a proven positive effect on the development of emotional and also some basic cognitive skills. These skills are very helpful to achieve good results at school.

  1. Manual coordination

Spending time on coloring noticeably enhances the development of kid's motor skills. When a little hand tries to keep colors inside the lines while coloring, the logical and creative hemisphere are simultaneously activated. Put simply, it helps to improve hand-eye coordination in a child's mind. By engaging a kid in coloring on regular basis can develop strong fundaments for handwriting.

  1. Perceptiveness and the ability to recognize patterns

Coloring helps children to identify patterns and similarities created by lines, colors, shapes and even different perspectives. This establishes a solid framework for fluent reading and writing. It's also a core skill for success in mathematics. It's related to general intelligence and even many aspects of social development.

But there is more of good news. Choosing colors, and most appropriate coloring utensils require some creativity, memorizing, logical thinking and planning in general. Having all that skills well developed helps a child to achieve above-average results at tasks requiring problem-solving talent.

  1. Ability to focus and patience

Most probably you have no doubt that ability to stay focused and patience are some key factors to achieve success at education in general. Completing a coloring page without patience is actually impossible. When a child is coloring, the frontal lobe of his little brain is very active. This part of the brain is generally responsible for a problem-solving process. While a kid is trying to match colors, he needs to stay focus. All those skills will be very useful in later life.

There is a lot of prons of using coloring pages by children. It allows them to learn without a sense of pressure and excessive stress. You can encourage your kids to start coloring for example by letting them choose coloring book with their favorite cartoon characters, animals, birds or dinosaurs. You can introduce those you find the most interesting ones later. Allow your child to make a choice and accept his decision.

This way he gains more confidence and that's another useful skill in future life. And it's easy to imagine that your child's success and emotional stability is very important for you.

And we can't forget about child's imagination. Just give your children an opportunity to choose coloring pages he wants to work with, his favourite crayons and colors and watch how his imagination blooms! Give your kid some freedom and you'll quickly notice astonishing effects.

I hope that at this point you have no more doubt that coloring may be a very effective learning tool. Fortunately, it's also very cheap. You can easily find numerous free coloring pages online, for example on You can also spend some money and buy premium editions. Just remember that children love to color and using coloring pages as educational support can be very beneficial. At school and in adult life.

If this article made you more interested in Printable coloring pages then feel free to comment or contact me directly to follow the topic.

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