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  • Published June 24, 2019
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Doing the lips makeup is the cherry on the top of the cake of every makeup ritual for every woman. In fact, what you put on the lips can make or break the whole look, effortlessly. Women experiment with different lip makeup products and depending on their mood, they decide to go with rather bold, casual or neutral shades of lipsticks or lip glosses. Of course, it is still important for the trendy woman to follow the latest trends in the fashion world, so, having a read of this article will surely come in handy. Let me help you choose what’s IN today.

Lip Glosses That Last

Lip glosses made a comeback from the 90s and 00s and brought back the glossy factor once again. But, today, they resurface the market with improved, new formulas that leave the sticky feeling behind. What is even better, lip glosses of today are so enriched with nutrients that keep the lips fresh, smooth and always on point. And, the most important thing is that they last – like really last – throughout the whole day without the need to reapply it.

The one long lasting lip gloss that you must have this season is in either pink, red or bronze. Opt for satin finished that ooze with self-confidence and simply shine your smile away. There is a long lasting lip gloss by Dreamweave and Colorgenics that contains 7 vibrant colours in one tube and by a revolutionary mixing system you get to choose which shade you are in the mood for. For example, you can choose 7 variants from pink to red, or from pink to purple and perhaps orange o brown if that is the colour that blends better with your skin tone.

Lip Glosses That Don’t Dry Out the Lips

Another important thing when choosing a lip gloss is to make sure that it has non-drying, high pigmented ingredients that will keep the lips hydrated and moisturised apart from locking the colour for the day. In the end, this is what creates the smooth, satin finish – enriched formula with Vitamins A and E that will nourish the skin of the lips. You can forget about scaling and that irritating feeling of flaking of the lips.

Lip Glosses That Naturally Plump the Lips

Another thing you should go for is a lip gloss that will naturally plump your lips, making them look naturally fuller. You can even use one along with lip plumper to be perfectly sure that your lips will get the greatest full pout effect they can. Among those ingredients is the Peptide Collagen that can increase the volume of the lips if used regularly every day.

The Bottom Line

Always invest in quality makeup. The results are better, there are no side effects and the general look is much more enhanced when you are feeling good in what you are wearing. Lip glossed can leave a very strong impression which can vary to both extremes – if it is the right solution it will complement your beauty, if not, uneasy feelings might follow you throughout the day. And don’t forget, pick a shade that speaks to your mood.

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