An Open Letter to Young People

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  • Author June Stepansky
  • Published June 21, 2019
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Youth is a wonderful time for growth and opportunity, although for many young people it is also a time of extra stress and difficult decisions. Many of you are trying to decide where you will eventually fit into the complex pattern of our society and it may take some time perhaps to make these difficult decisions. It is important however that you to be patient with yourselves and give yourselves all the time necessary to explore your many options before making your final decisions as to your life path.

It is always nice to be part of a group that is considered "cool" but it is also realistic to realize that what is considered "cool" today may not be so modern in future years. When we all look at pictures of our parents and grandparents who thought that their clothing was so fashionable and that their music was so modern, we see that in just a few years all the things that seemed so new to them now look old-fashioned to our more contemporary eyes.

There are however eternal things that will never change in the future. If you choose to develop your skills and talents and focus on your ability to learn about the world and its many wonders-- (science literature, art, history, politics etc.) then the coming years will hold unlimited opportunities for your personal growth and your career success. These choices will certainly enrich your life and will also help you maintain a continuing youthful enthusiasm for life and insure that your future will be more productive and more interesting.

Looking forward to the future is a great adventure, and if you make good choices now, it will be an adventure that will ultimately be exciting and rewarding.

June Stepansky is a writer and poet who writes about happiness, self-improvement and social and political

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