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  • Published June 10, 2020
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A look into why every brand needs one.

Look anywhere and creative content is all around you. It comes in the form of a brand film, physical installation, social media post, ad, etc… You get the picture. Back in the day, everything was so segmented. Print media was for the print people, Video was for the video people. Motion graphics didn’t exist.

Fast forward to today. Consumers expect every brand to entertain, and all of the traditional mediums have merged to become a sort of kissing cousins. The burden of creating falls on in-house creatives, multiple studios and occasionally project-based freelancers, but often results in missing the mark due to unclear vision. Creative Content Studios play a strong role in unifying all of these issues, into one problem to solve. Vision. How everything stews together in the giant pot of Brand Identity.

These days, brands have options. There is no shortage of creative talent to hire for a project across many companies. Finding the talented folks to create digital media is not the issue that brands run into. Rather, the issue lies in ensuring that the final product is cohesive with brand direction when it is finished.

Anyone can have vision, but, too often, what happens is that when multiple people are involved in a project, they develop their own sort of tunnel vision to keep them on target to create the work necessary to making the project a success, which may not necessarily translate into the cohesive message/vision that the brand is aiming for.

It’s not their fault; They were hired to do a job, and that job was to make a specific thing. Brands simply do not have the time or the manpower to manage all the different moving parts, while trying to ensure that the message is conveyed.

Content Agencies solve this problem through a multidisciplinary approach. Being well-versed in all aspects of media creation, the studios manage the process of content creation across all media, but with a focus on preserving brand identity on all completed assets. Typically, they have good working relationships with other Digital Agencies, to make sure that the brand moves forward in a clear direction. Content Studios serve as a Brand’s guide to create content that is engaging, but also resonates with the audience watching it.

Because of technological advances, smaller studios now have the ability to produce the same level of great work as larger agencies or studios, and can pivot much faster on creative, business, and budgetary needs.

Growing brands need a clear direction as to who they are and where they plan to grow. The supporting visuals need to reflect that on a grand scale, and there cannot be any competing elements.

How can content studios help

Here’s where we come in. We don’t replace marketing and creative departments; we complement them.

There are some things best left in-house, but with the content studio helping to guide the visuals.

In a utopian world, there would be unlimited budgets, and unlimited tasks for us to do, but that simply isn’t real life. We work with brands to determine where time and energy should be spent on their creative, and implement a sustainable process in which brand content is carried out on a consistent basis that supports a larger goal. We don’t want to make media for media’s sake. We want the media that we produce together to win brands fans, extend reach, and drive impressions.

A content studio is invested in your success. Sometimes, it is more economical to do smaller things in-house, and then to work on larger projects with outside companies who have a bird’s-eye view on the creative as a whole.

Ok, everyone loves a good bullet point.

How Creative Content Studios are different than typical production companies

More holistic approach to creative. Rather than working on single projects, the studio is brought in earlier in the process, and work directly with brands to develop a clear road map for creative over an extended amount of time.

More creative ideas. Because the Studio is involved in multiple aspects of creative (Video, Motion Graphics, Design, Products, Installations), they can see from a broader view what the brand is moving toward.

Being Creative Professionals, they know the answers to the questions other creatives will have, thus saving brands the headaches of not knowing what is hindering progress.

How Creative Content Studios can help any brand

Brands can focus on the “why” they are making something without having to get their hands dirty on the nitty gritty, such as things like:

Project management

Talent recruitment

Production value

Budget-depleting errors due to lack of eyes on details

Specialization. Creative Content Studios specialize in one thing; creative content. Services such as marketing, and deployment are best done by other agencies that specialize in it.

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions about how we can help.

Omnislash Visual is a creative content studio based in Connecticut, USA that works directly with brands that want to create evocative content and diehard fans.

Paul Melluzzo is a Creative Director for Omnislash Visual.


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