Appreciating your silent heroes with Photo to words

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  • Author Carlos Garcia
  • Published June 23, 2020
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The benefit of a photo to words goes from the imaginable to the unimaginable. As small as a gift may appear, it has a way of strengthening our relationship more.

So, who are your silent heroes, they are people that are so close to you? You can never live a day without their contributions to your life. And many times, you forget to appreciate these people or even give them a gift because of the relationship that exists between you. You may work yourself into thinking that your closeness is enough to reward them for their contributions. As a child your parent, they can be your business partners; as a spouse your partner, as an employee your boss, they can be friends, your siblings, your teacher, and your grandparents.

A little act of appreciation will go a long way in helping you grow your relationship with them. You may decide to create a picture with words or even turn their picture into words. But the worst thing is not rewarding them in any way. Below is the list of people that might be your silent heroes.


They are the first heroes in your life, either a single parent or not. And appreciating them with the gift of a photo to text will be an excellent idea. Besides, parents are not so expectant of gifts from their children, especially if you are still growing. So, this will come as a big surprise to them. Look for a picture of your parent and create a picture with words out of it. The gift is coming from their child so that they will appreciate it a lot. You would not even believe how much they will cherish and love the gift.


These are the closest to you apart from your parent, and honestly, buying gifts or appreciating your siblings might not be an idea that will ever cross your mind. But one thing you should know is that getting a gift for your siblings is a way of earning their respect and trust. You do not need to buy items of clothing and other accessories to surprise them because your parent is doing that already. You can make your gift for them to stand out, a gift that will always be with them. I remember buying Ice creams for my siblings, and the next day, they would ask me for more. Do you know why? The ice cream is no longer there with them, and they crave for more. But imagine giving them a gift of their picture with beautiful words written on it. They will cherish it because it is a gift, it is coming from you, and it is their picture. And this will make them happy, and you are pleased too. So, resulting in a win-win situation.


As you grow up, from high school to college and when you start working, a lot of friends will walk in your life, and some will take their leave. There is a saying that goes thus, “We part to meet, and we meet to part.” But some friends have been there for you since childhood up to Adulthood. Although there are times you have problems, you are happy and sad they are always there for you. Even though you do not want them some times, but they still stick around in your life. These set of people deserve a “Thank You” for sticking around in your life. When you give them a gift, it is a way of telling them you love having them around you. It can be their picture or even a picture; both of you took together; either way, make sure you create a picture with words and give it to them as a gift. You may present it as a surprise gift for them on their birthdays, graduation, or as a wedding gift. Just imagine putting a word like “I WOULD TRADE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD TO GO BACK TO THE DAY I MET YOU TO BECOME YOUR FRIEND ONCE AGAIN.” This statement will take them out of this world, matter how expensive a gift might be it will pale in comparison with this simple gift.

Associates and Business Partners

This idea may not be needed by everyone, but it is the right way of building a healthy relationship with your partners in business. It will help you gain considerable trust from them. Giving a gift to them will show how much concern you have for them. And you do not like them because of your partnership in business, but you have a direct interest in helping or working with them. You can present such a gift after sealing a business deal with them or celebrating years of being together. If you have a common business together that is already branded, you take a picture of your business logo and turn it into words. Or a picture you all had together and made text out of the picture.

Your child

This applies to parents, by turning your photo to words you can get fantastic gift ideas to give your children. You can use a picture of theirs while growing up or at some particular stage of life. And this will be a perfect gift for your child on their graduations, birthdays, weddings or they are leaving the house going to college for the first time. It is a way of telling your children that beyond words, you adore them, love them, and happy you have them.

We can never exhaust the list of silent heroes present in our lives. We have them at schools as teachers, at home as grandparents, our lovers, and our mentors. The best thing we can do is to set some time out to reward them for what they have done in our lives. You may be asking the question “How to make a picture out of the text” But it is a straightforward process, and you only need to upload your pictures and the words you want to put on them. Choose if you wish to download in JPG or printed form, then your surprise gift is ready.

Not all heroes wear capes, and some heroes are known while some remain unknown. You can replicate the love some people have given you a simple gift of Photo to words. And believe me, you can never go wrong doing so.

What appreciation does is to make people more committed to your life, and a simple and unique gift of your own picture with words can help you do your appreciation at

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