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  • Author Jonathan C. Clarkson
  • Published August 3, 2020
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The internet has given everyone a voice. Today, even small businesses and individual content creators can compete on a global level. Radio automation software is the perfect choice for anyone with a passion for broadcasting, music, talk shows, or anything else they would like to share with a global audience. With the right software, anyone can launch a completely automated online radio station without any technical expertise. In fact, you can now live-stream from any location, either from your computer or mobile device. There's also nothing stopping you from getting your first radio station up and running in a matter of minutes if you're using the right app. Whether you are a professional broadcaster, or you just want to share your favorite hobby, a cloud-based platform like SAM Broadcaster Cloud offers the benefit of being accessible anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud was created with simplicity and easy of use in mind. It saves time by automating routine tasks, even to the point of allowing you to run a fully automated radio station. The platform lets anyone get started with radio broadcasting with its easy to use features and minimal learning curve. At the same time, it provides an advanced feature set at a low price, making it an attractive solution for experienced broadcasters to reach a wider audience through the web. SAM Broadcaster Cloud is a fully online solution, which means you can upload your audio content to online storage and manage everything from a web-based dashboard on any device. It lets you give your radio stations a professional touch with fully automated scheduling that keeps it running around the clock. And, because it's hosted on a remote server, it uses local computing resources, so you don't even need to have your computer turned on to broadcast.

To build a strong online presence and achieve success with your broadcasting venture, you need to provide an excellent listener experience. There's much more to that than the content you upload to your playlist. For example, it is also necessary to think of the audio quality, especially where the more discerning listeners with faster internet connections are concerned. You'll also need something that supports all the popular streaming services. But most important, for the sake of user experience, is that you provide the right interface and controls. SAM Broadcaster Cloud integrates seamlessly with your website thanks to simply HTML widgets, which you can customize so they fit perfectly with the theme of your site. The player widgets let your listeners see what's playing, and they can even send in requests. You can also have multiple DJs running programs on your radio station, manage multiple stations, and even provide background music to a public venue.

What's new in version 2020.4?

Version 2020.4 was released on June 1, 2020. It includes several minor bug fixes and upgrades. The most important of these include improvements for webpages powered by Javascript and new support for JSON style strings. The update also adds support for external URL relays for SAM Broadcaster Cloud integration.

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Jonathan C. Clarkson recently moved from terrestrial broadcasting to reach a wider audience with cloud-hosted radio automation software.

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