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  • Published August 30, 2020
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Have you ever been dreaming of using Xposed modules such as Youtube Adaway, Amplify, Whatsapp Extensions on your Android smartphone, and disappointed without having root access on your device? If so, you don't need to bother about it anymore because VirtualXposed, developed by China Developer Weishu. Though VirtualXposed is not as powerful as Xposed, still it can help users to customize non-root using some of the Xposed modules. Technically, VirtualXposed APK doesn't support system-related Xposed modules and theming modules because it works without root access. Let's see how you can download VirtualXposed APK for all Android Devices

How Does VirtualXposed APK Work

In simple terms, VirtualXposed APK based on Virtual app and Epic which finally runs an app in a virtual environment without getting any help from the real Android environment. The virtual app takes the responsibility of creating a container to install APKs and apps installed on the Android system and Epic processes Xposed Hooks while getting support from Exposed to load Xposed modules. All the apps are working inside the container created by the Virtual app.

Supported Modules

Unfortunately, you cannot expect a long list of supported Xposed modules. Because VirtualXposed has limited capability and only basic Xposed modules are compatible. Here, you will be able to figure out some of the compatible modules.But, don't get limited to the list here. You can try any Xposed module yourself which is not related to Android system modification.

Youtube Adaway - Helps you to avoid Youtube ads which interrupt your Youtube experience

MinMinGuard - You can avoid ads visible on Android apps and black spaces

HiWeChat - translate Wechat conversation in English automatically

FingerPrint Pay - Enable FingerPrint payment when disabled

Xinsta - Download images, videos and copy comment on Instagram

Download VirtualXposed APK for all Android Devices

Download and Install VirtualXposed APK from its official website

once the installation is complete, you will see white round shaped Setting icon (Launcher Home) on your Home screen

Tap on it and you will get the VirtualXposed main menu

Go to Advanced Settings > Tap on Advanced settings > Install/ Uninstall Google Services >Confirm to install

Get back to the Settings screen and tap on Add app and select the app you want to apply the Xposed module

Swipe up the launcher home and select the Xposed Installer

Open it and go to the "Download" section in the menu

Find the module you need to apply for your app and download it

Next, navigate to the Module section and enable the downloaded module

Finally, tap on "Reboot" in the Setting page

Final Word

VirtualXposed doesn't support modules that modify the Android system and not support resources hooks which theming modules are based on. Essentially, every app you intend to use with Xposed needs to be added to VirtualXposed's virtual space in order for the specific Xposed module to be effective on the specific app.

Hello, I'm Erica Garcia..I love Android smartphone and I try various official and third-party app on my Android smartphone. I thought to share my personnel experience with other Android enthusiast to make them comfortable when selecting app for their device. Not only apps but also I would like to share every useful Android related information I may find in future

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