3 Easier Ways to Increase Aesthetic Revenues

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  • Author Catherine Maley, Mba
  • Published September 12, 2021
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There are 3 easy ways to increase aesthetic revenues, and they don’t cost a fortune.

The first thing you think of to increase your aesthetic revenues might be to increase the number of patients coming to your practice, right?

But that poses a challenge…

Where do you put your advertising budget?

Is it better to invest in PPC, Organic SEO, FB Ads, Directories?

And let’s say your advertising is getting you leads.

The next challenge is converting them.

Are they serious or price-shopping? Do they have the money or good enough credit?

These challenges take up a ton of you and your staff’s time and mental capacity.

And while it’s necessary, there are easier ways to go about it.


There is a saying that goes, “The Second Sale is Always Easier,” and it’s true for our industry as well.

Once you have spent the time, money, and effort attracting a patient to you, it takes minimal effort to keep them. Here’s how:

Increase the # of times your patients return to you

While there are vendor loyalty programs available, they can be complicated for the patients and the staff to figure out, so here’s another idea.

Have a loyalty program that is super easy for everyone to understand. Give each patient a simple customized card that gives them increased savings each time they visit. On their 4th visit, that card is used up, so they get a new one. Easy Breezy!

Increase the amount they spend at each visit

I call this, “Do you want fries with that?”. A majority of your patients don’t look at you as a retail outlet, so they spend hundreds and thousands of dollars per year at the department store cosmetic counters or Sephora and Ulta because they don’t know better.

But rather than pressure them into buying your products, make it easy and comfortable for them to choose to buy your products on their own. For example,

• Use your products on them during their treatments.

• Offer a beauty bar where they can sample your products.

• Have a bowl of skincare samples at the check-out counter so when they have their wallet out, it’s the perfect time to ask:

o Did you want to add sunscreen to your visit today? Or

o Do you need any skincare product refills today? Or

o Did you need a quick gift? While pointing to your eye-catching gift display.

Increase the # of referrals they give you

Each of your patients has, on average, a circle of 150-250 people they know (family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, gym buddies, and so on.)

Make it easy for them to talk about you AND refer you to them.

Have customized business-sized “Get To Know Us” cards printed with a special offer to experience your services for the first time.

These cards should be distributed everywhere possible:

• On your checkout counter

• On checkout counters of your alliances

• In nearby gyms, salons, retail shops

• Mailed to your current patients to pass along, and so on.

However, due to fee-splitting laws, you cannot tie a cash reward your patients get for referring new patients to you but you can thank them profusely.

BUT…..Don’t Bother Doing the Above Until You Read This:

No matter how many creative strategies you come up with, nothing beats customer service for patient satisfaction, retention, referrals, and 5-star reviews.

Cosmetic patients with credit cards want to feel cared for and cared about.

I am still surprised how often I spend thousands of dollars on injectables or lasers and never hear a peep out of anyone afterward.

Nobody checks in to see how I’m doing. It makes me feel like they don’t care.

Your patients feel the same way. If you don’t care enough about how their treatment went, they are not going to care about you when it’s time to spend more money on cosmetic rejuvenation or surgery.

Have a protocol in place to email/call/text the evening of treatment to be sure all is well.

There’s a chance you’re saying right now, “I’m not looking for trouble” but there’s a different way to look at it. Trouble would be the unhappy patient who silently disappears to your competitor and tells all of their friends. That’s the reverse of referrals… it’s the new patient deterrent problem.

It’s much cheaper and easier to make a patient happy than to replace them with another new patient, so take care of your patients, and they will take care of you.


Note: If you still think new patients are the way to go, but your coordinator is having trouble converting these new patients you’ve spent a fortune to get, have her join me at The Converting Club.

I guarantee they will convert 10-15% more consultations once they learn how to professionally represent you as the BEST CHOICE.


Since The Year 2000, Catherine Maley, MBA has been a plastic surgery growth business and marketing consultant, author, speaker, trainer, blogger, and podcaster. Her website is www.CatherineMaley.com

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