How Plastic Surgery Marketing Will Change in 2021

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  • Author Catherine Maley, Mba
  • Published September 19, 2021
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Wow, the world of advertising is changing and how plastic surgery marketing will change in 2021.

Not very long ago, it was enough to update your website, use keywords, and backlinks, and search engines found you.

Not anymore. The Internet has gotten too crowded, and Google has gotten a lot stricter about who gets ranked.

For example, if you do a Google search, “liposuction surgeon,” you will most likely see The Aesthetic Society and American Society of Plastic

Surgeons come up first way before you’ll see a solo plastic surgeon’s website.

That’s because the big boys have authority over solo plastic surgeons.

So what do you do to combat this?

When you understand how plastic surgery marketing will change in 2002, you’ll want to do this to get new plastic surgery patients to find you:


There is no one thing you can do in today’s world to attract new prospective patient surgery patients.

It takes all sorts of different communications, all working together to get the attention of would-be patients.

That means you must have a multi-channel marketing plan that includes at least these channels:


• Pay Per Click

• Content Marketing

• Social Media

• YouTube

• Banner Ads

• Directories

The more channels you use, the better off you’ll be.

Yes, this costs money, time, and effort like everything else that is worth pursuing; however, be smart about it and work with the pros. So you and your staff don’t get bogged down in the details.


Internet Advertising is becoming more and more expensive.

The only way you’ll be able to compete is by optimizing your conversions of the leads you do get.

Prospective plastic surgery patients are clicking like crazy due to the insane amount of information coming their way. So even though they may have clicked on your website or social media platforms, that doesn’t mean they are ready to call you. There’s a good chance they need nurturing. So they feel comfortable enough to go to the next step.

So back-end marketing funnels are going to be more important than ever before because it’s tough to get prospective patients to engage right out of the gate.

Just like any relationship, they need to be courted.

You need to build familiarity with that prospective patient so they get comfortable enough with you to actually call and visit.


It’s almost impossible to “burn and churn” through your plastic surgery patients…it’s too expensive and exhausting to constantly find new patients.

The smarter way to grow a plastic surgery practice is to creatively encourage your current patients to return more often, spend more at each visit and refer their friends and family.

That doesn’t happen by accident. Everyone is too busy and focused on themselves to care about growing your practice so they need your help.

Stay in touch with these patients so they become your sales ambassadors!

Want to learn more about how plastic surgery marketing will change in 2021?

Since The Year 2000, Catherine Maley, MBA has been a plastic surgery growth business and marketing consultant, author, speaker, trainer, blogger, and podcaster. Her website is

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