The Tempests of Our Times

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  • Author Dr. Tim Williams
  • Published March 3, 2022
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The willful destructive tendencies of many have exploited the realities of our times. If societies ignore what is actually happening the epic tragedies and travesties taking place will create the greatest upheaval of humanity since the Great Flood.

No longer can we sit ideally by. And, yet the orchestrated symphony of calamity is keeping the audience of humanity captivated by their own ignorance and apathy. The dire predictions of some through-out history many have come to pass. We have yet been able to avoid the repetitiveness of similar events that have taken place before.

The time has come to not only realize but visualize what the consequences of the actions and reactions taken by many unscrupulous individuals. With no forethought to what is taking place the world is poised to render the harshest retaliation being inflicted upon man. We see the reoccurring nightmare scenarios playing out on a daily basis. The squalor, the unmanageable thirst for human dignity is being stripped away by a power structure that cares not for quality of life, justice or equality. The sinking dignity of the fellowship of mankind is eclipsed by a quintessential threat that lies in our own ignorance. The created divisions in societies are the result of premeditated issuance of policies by a power structure whose sole existence is to perpetuate their own ruling class.

Current events link the ongoing struggles that are manufactured by the power elite. For the past two years the growing wealth disparity gap has only grown wider. The Covid-19 pandemic has created the novelty of a billion-dollar distribution to entrench a new breed into the elite ruling class. Meanwhile, millions the world over continue to be swept into a realm of reality for which they may never be able to escape.

How many times must we endure the travesties of inequality, loss of freedoms, and a deterioration of moral values before we realize what is actually happening to our world? The longer we sit idly by the yolk of oppression gets tighter. It is as though the life blood of human existence is being evaporated by a power structure that has been allowed to size control over societies.

In all of history there has been times when humanity has been subjected to ruthless oppressors. We should never forget the Holocaust, the genocide by Nazi Germany. The savage barbaric atrocities committed against a race of people is the most prolific example of ruthless murder that should never be allowed to happen again. And, yet mankind still finds ways to keep deep divides in societies. Race, religion, gender identification etc. are all factors the induce many to ostracize people who are different. It is as though one cannot accept when one is of another race, or religion. Their ignorance is manifested because of the lack of education, understanding that we are all different and yet we all are brothers of man.

The United States has one of the most divisional societies. The deep divides resulted when government became ineffectual in education and a lack of parental nurturing of a fellowship of man in their children. Generational ignorance is keeping society from creating the atmosphere that induces a growing acceptance toward all. When there is so much inequality also contributes to an overwhelming display of intolerance.

There is a growing global crisis that threatens our world. This occurs when there is so much opposition from the oligarchy ruling class to equal the playing field in societies. To remedy this starts right here in America. The level of ineptness, corruption and greed has created the vast divides in our nation. When government is controlled and manipulated by wealth there can be no equality, justice and moral obligation to their citizens. Understanding this is paramount is solving one of the greatest crises of our times.


Ph.D in Economics author of National Economic Reform and have published over 400 articles on politics and current events

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Taylor Phipps
Taylor Phipps · 2 years ago
How did you learn to write like this?

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