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  • Author Tania Eleanor
  • Published April 5, 2022
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” Raise your words not your voice, It is Rain that Grows Flowers, Not Thunder”.

According to the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, written by a French physicist named Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot also known as the “Father of thermodynamics”, it is described in layman terms as, when a hot object is placed in contact with a cold object, heat flows from the hotter one to the colder one only and no vice- versa. A day-to-day example is Consider putting an ice cube in a tumbler of room-temperature water. The ice will melt and the volume of the water rises.

That's exactly what WarriorForum Community, one of the best online forum sites, provides. We, as a Public Community, provides an unfathomable tumbler where indefinite users can discuss and share their thoughts, ideas, views like a melting ice-cube. WarriorForum Community is one of the primordial online forum sites, where one can conduct polls, debates on latest trends, ancient facts, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, pharmacy, digital marketing and many more.

At school, stadiums are also limited; Teachers also need to approach and cover topics, raise a problem but follow up on questions and answers from students, unable to close everyone’s questions in order to capture the style of their questions for all.

In the forum we can cover the answer with detailed or complex information, obviously remembering the main question, trying not to end up answering something that has never been asked.

In the end, we just conclude that WarriorForum Community will provide a array of options to conduct forum of any kind, indefinite length and we assure you that the users will gain a wonderful experience from the best online sites amongst the online forum sites list.

I, Tania Eleanor, work as an google Certified Digital Marketer in a reputed firm. Being passionate towards my job, I love to learn more and more about it and implement in the digital marketing. I also work for a forum website where many people discuss manifold things and learn knowledge from the experts

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