No Pull Dog Harnesses: What Is It & Does It Work?


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  • Published December 31, 2022
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Most dog owners can relate when we say that dogs that pull excessively take the beauty out of dog walks.

Not only does it result in frustration for the owner, but constant pulling on the leash may also lead to potentially dangerous health effects for your dog. The result may lead to physical pain on your dog’s chest and even introduce other bad habits.

There are plenty of products and techniques available that are said to prevent your dog from pulling while on walks. However, it’s important to note that not all of them will work.

One such method which has proven to prevent most dogs from excess pulling is the no-pull dog harness.

What is the No-Pull Dog Harness & How Does It Work?

A no-pull dog harness works by merging a standard dog collar, along with a dog harness. The leash is tied to the front of the dog’s chest in what we call a front D-ring.

The front D-ring works by completely removing the motion of the constant back and forth pulling and tugging from the walker and the dog. Instead of the leash being clipped onto the back of the dog’s harness, it is flipped on their front chest.

If your dog tries to lunge forward, they will be gently forced to rotate back to you. After a few attempts of lunging, your dog will naturally realise that there’s no point in continually lunging and instead either slow down to walk with you or walk at a slower pace.

What Are The Benefits of No-Pull Dog Harness

On top of what we have already discussed, there are also a wide range of benefits that no-pull dog harnesses provide.

No pull dog harnesses that incorporate the front D-ring design also provide the following benefits:

  1. Decreases dog aggression

Being able to eliminate dog pulling out on walks will commonly reduce or completely eliminate their aggressive behaviours when they see other dogs. Once your dog understands that pulling will have the complete opposite effect of what they intend, they naturally stop trying.

For some dogs, practicing walks with the no-pull dog harness may take longer than others. It’s important to assess how receptive your dog is and adjust accordingly.

  1. Enables owner with more control

By leveraging the effectiveness of the no-pull front D-ring, you shift all the power towards yourself, and not your dog. We recommend bringing high value treats on your walks and rewarding your dog the instant your sense that they’re no longer pulling.

  1. Eliminate chances of choking

One of the biggest benefits to no-pull dog harnesses is its power to reduce or eliminate collar choking. Most dog owners will tell you that a dog with severe leash pulling habits will typically cause injury to themselves in the process.

The dog collar digs into the dog's neck and may result in physical pain or short term breathing issues. There are also potential long-term effects as well.

No Pull Dog Harnesses: Is it Worth It?

While not every no pull dog harness is guaranteed to work, we recommend trialing the best rated ones in the market on your dog.

Remember, every dog will react differently, so it’s important that you try multiple times, in different environments to measure the effectiveness of your no-pull dog harness.

Jennifer is a content strategist for Nalzo The Label, an online pet boutique specialising in dog accessories such as dog harnesses, dog collars, custom dog bandanas and more. She loves to produce highly engaging and informative content around dog care, management and tips.

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