The importance of Personal, Positive Political Power


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The importance of Personal, Positive Political Power


This article is about the importance of personal, positive political power for individuals and their organizations. The pendulum is swinging away from position or formal power, making the office and its status redundant. And, more than ever, it’s dependent on those who deliver results day after day, the ones with personal, positive power. To gain political power, achievers align with like-minded individuals to accomplish the organization’s vision.

Personal power

It takes a high level of personal effectiveness to transform the organization’s objectives into reality. Making things happen again and again requires:

 Attitude

 Self-discipline

 Confidence

 Knowledge


The right attitude is the desire to achieve quality results, having a selfless approach to work, and going the extra mile to get the job done. Self-discipline is that inner power that keeps you working until you realize the objective, giving everything 100% all the time, even when the conditions are testing and no one’s watching. It’s the ability to keep working until the job is finished; without the need for outside supervision.

Confidence or self-assurance is essential since it’s a part of the foundation for success. It’s having faith in your abilities & the organization that employs you. Confident people inspire and energize others; their positive energy is infectious. They are exciting to be around. It takes confidence to use your initiative and put your reputation on the line regarding a challenging course of action.

Conventional wisdom states that knowledge is power, except the world is not run by university professors with large libraries, so this isn’t the case. But what is power? It’s the ability to get things done and requires more than knowledge; it takes action.

Therefore, knowledge plus action equals power. Doers get things done; based on what they know and their desire to achieve compels them to take action. Nevertheless, it requires vision to see the end result and the commitment, drive, and energy to achieve it. And this means keeping fit and healthy, staying self-motivated, and mentally alert.

Immediate benefits

Delivering results in a professionally managed company is personally and professionally satisfying and earns personal, positive power (the only way to achieve it). It gives you influence, ensures you are valued and respected, secures your position, improves prospects, and earmarks you for bigger things. You earn recognition when you contribute to the success of the enterprise. And this has a positive psychological and emotional impact and is energizing.

Political power

Still, there is only so much one person can achieve, no matter how effective they are. Nevertheless, individual success is the catalyst that starts the party and attracts other productive, like-minded people. Those with the competence; to form alliances develop healthy relationships that unite the impulses to achieve the organization’s strategic goals. And gain personal, positive political power.

I’ve always found that when relationships were healthy, people cooperated, and it was easier to secure their commitment to a course of action. The best companies, just like the best yacht racing skippers, ensure their crews cooperate to win the race.

Achievers need the resources and support to maintain momentum along with continual challenges. And this leads to a healthy psychological environment and raises morale, benefiting all employees. The organization now becomes the place to work, attracting quality applicants crucial for its long-term success.

A point to bear in mind, senior management must ensure these relationships blossom and prevent healthy competition from descending into costly power struggles.

A word of caution

It is vital to keep the ego at bay. No one likes working with a selfish big head. So, keep your feet on the floor and do not get carried away with your achievements. Remember dealing with people needs tact and diplomacy; you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. A little humility and empathy go a long way.

Long-term benefits

All this gives you gravitas, and organizations willingly invest in their principal performers, leading to advanced qualifications and more challenging work. Achieving corporate results to a high standard is valued, and personal, positive political power is a passport to the C-suite, more opportunities, and a well-paid, secure future.

At the end of the month, payment is in two currencies. First is the folding stuff, which you know what to do with, and the other: is experience, which you turn into more of the folding stuff later in life; ask any gray-haired consultant.

Another word of caution

If achievers are merely used and not recognized and rewarded, they become bitter, de-motivated, and ineffective. The best will leave. Those with personal, positive political power register on other companies’ radars, meaning they will achieve for someone else. And that could be for the competition.

Therefore, the individual needs to be employed for their benefit, as well as for the organization. After all, this is the professional way to go. They should be respected and developed, as they are the lifeblood of the organization.

This article is condensed from my book How to Revolutionize Your Working Life and advance your career and is based on empirical evidence gained firsthand from personal international experience over several decades. Once I find the right publisher, it will be available to the public.

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