Alcohol Addiction And Abuse

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  • Published February 8, 2023
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Alcohol addiction is detected through continual use. Drinking alcohol has caused many to experience negative consequences. Living with a brain addicted to alcohol is the first negative effect. Now that a brain has become addicted to alcohol, many bad decisions become easily made. People never consider the consequences of continual use when first becoming involved.

Whether it be gin, whiskey, brandy, or cognac, a life becomes hard to manage when experiencing addictions. The compulsive behavior to get another drink becomes a priority. Users do not know that their brain has suffered from continual alcohol intake, which is the reason why the addiction prevails. It doesn’t take long for the central nervous system to suffer dysfunction.

Many experience paranoia when intoxicated. But let’s talk about when alcohol is not in the brain, after becoming addicted. The Central Nervous System can suffer depression when not getting a satisfaction. It takes a certain amount for the brain to reach a level of satisfaction. For some, it will take passing out cold on a regular basis just to reach a fulfillment.

Habitual alcohol use can cause blindness, tremors, hallucinations, and perhaps seizures. Not only can those be an experience, but also, liver damage can be a consequence. Whether you can name it or not, any form of damage can occur to the central nervous system when alcoholism is not treated spiritually or even medically.

Alcoholism occurs at random times. alcoholism can be detected at any age. But a 15-year-old alcoholic acts different from a 45-year-old alcoholic. This is due to the brain’s age. Although a drunk is a drunk, the age really determines most experiences. All alcoholics will experience unplanned hardship in life.

When drinking over the limits, and a person cannot be awaken, that individual has been poisoned by alcohol's power. Doing things that you normally will not do, such as vomiting, is a sign of poisoning. Vomiting takes place after too much alcohol has been consumed into the anatomy.

Now a day, a person only needs a dollar and a few cents to purchase a container or bottle filled with liquid dope. Yeah, that is all it cost to purchase liquid dope. A person actually goes into his or her pants pockets, pulls out hard-earned money, and then gives it to the store's clerk, trading it for liquid dope. I call alcohol, "legalized liquid death”.

When you purchase liquor from over the counter, and then drive a car under while under influence, you are asking the creepy character called, "death" to come into your life. Although, everyone is appointed to one-day die, however, when people drink and drive, death can come sooner than suppose.

Pouring alcohol into your brain and body, and then driving a motorized vehicle is practically like playing the college game, "spin the bottle”. Spinning the bottle is a game college student’s play, as they make up their personal set of rules. For instance, after a student spins the bottle, whomever the bottle stops and points to, that individual has to do something that he or she would not normally do. Whether it is to kiss an unattractive person, or strip naked in front of a group of people, the rules say it must be done. Once the bottle spins and points at you, you must do what has been agreed upon.

Round and round the bottle goes, where it stops, no one knows. Once the college student, with the hands spins the bottle, he or she has no idea who it will point to. At the same token, when people drink and drive, they never know when death is going to spin into their lives. Therefore, obey the laws of the land by not drinking and driving.

Driving a vehicle while intoxicated from alcohol has become the number one killer in automobile wrecks. Drinking and driving automobile accidents occur, because a person's thinking center has been deceived. People begin to believe that they are not too intoxicated to get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. When intoxicating alcohol makes a contact with the brain, the limb's controller (the cerebellum) receives the intoxicant effects, and all physical movements are hindered. In addition, drinking and driving accidents are caused by having blurry vision, due to the occipital lobe (vision) impairment.

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