Top 8 Self Assessment tax return software


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  • Published January 30, 2024
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This article discusses the challenges individuals and businesses face during the tax season and recommends using Self Assessment tax return software to simplify the process. The software automates calculations, pre-fills fields, and provides data import options, reducing the time needed to complete tax returns, especially for those with complex financial situations.

The article highlights several top Self Assessment tax return software options, providing key features, pros, and cons for each. The recommended software includes:

GoSimpleTax: It has user-friendly interface and affordability which offers one-click shortcuts and expense tracking.

QuickBooks: It is a reliable option with powerful auto-calculating features, real-time monitoring, and AI-driven expense benchmarks.

Xero Tax: It is well-known for its ease of use, it allows seamless integration with Xero for streamlined accounts preparation.

TaxCalc: It offers a highly intuitive interface with a unique validation tool and has intelligent prompting for relevant sections of the tax return.

FreeAgent: It is designed for small businesses which provides a clear overview of tax liabilities and a tax timeline for deadline tracking.

ZohoBooks: It offers a free version for businesses with a turnover below £35,000 per annum, with invoicing and VAT filing features.

ClearBooks: It is a user-friendly option with a visually appealing dashboard that makes auto-generated Self Assessment returns.

Dext Prepare: It is although not a tax return software. however, it integrates well with other platforms, aiding in expense management.

The article provides pricing details for each software and emphasizes the potential time and cost savings, making the investment worthwhile. It encourages readers to research and take advantage of free trials before choosing the most suitable software for their needs.

For more information and detailed reviews of the recommended software, visit our blog about Self Assessment tax return software.

Top 8 Self Assessment tax return software

There are several top-notch tax return software solutions that can help you file your taxes quickly and are fully compliant. Check out the list:

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