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Rotoscoliosis is a pathology that is ongoing and continuous over time and is always falling out of balance. The central nervous system is the initiator of scoliosis and manifests as rotation, counter-rotation, and compression in the structure and tissue. Since the body is eighty percent water, it is hard to comprehend how rotoscoliotic bodies become so cemented. The fixation of the pathology distributes the asymmetry system wide and especially affects lung capacity, heart space, and body geometry. Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Dallas provides pain management and the opportunity of the receiver of the ten series to find a deeper felt sense of what it is like to be inside of a dynamic, fluid filled, uninhibited body.

Scoliosis can emerge in the fetus, in adolescence, or somewhere in childhood, and studies have shown that mother's who are under abnormal levels of stress have a higher incidence of rotoscoliosis. Fetal scoliosis emerges in the womb so the child is born with the curvature, but in most cases is supposed to disappear by the age of five. With infantile scoliosis the curvature manifest between the first and fifth year, and with juvenile scoliosis its between the fifth and tenth year.

Adolescence cases are the majority of incidence with eighty percent of all scoliosis cases reported in this margin. Eighty percent of all cases reported occur to females and eighty percent of all cases are lumbar right/mid thoracic left curvatures. In some cases Harrington Rods are used as intervention by fixating the spine from the occipitals to the sacrum causing a chronic strain to the nervous system.

The fetus begins life as a primitive streak that forms the spine and central nervous system. After the brain emerges, the heart mushrooms out of the brain and descends to the thorax. This is when the respiratory diaphragm and the connective tissue matrix issues forth to invest the entire form of the being. The scoliosis insult infiltrates the nervous system and fascial web, thus the journey of the strain begins to take it toll on the structure.

Some cases of scoliosis have been linked to polio incidence, but the majority of all cases are idiopathic, which means with unknown cause. Understanding the fixation can be complex because the nature of the body is hydrodynamic, and yet the fluid body becomes fixated and the tissue edges become dense and fibrous strengthening and cementing the pattern.

Scoliosis is a systemic asymmetrical pathology with a breaking point of twenty-eight and a half degrees of curvature in the mid thoracic. Since the majority of cases are mid thoracic right cases this means eighty percent of all cases have decreased heart, lung, and cardiovascular capacity. All of the diaphragms in the body are affected by the side bends with rotations and compression issues in the thorax, causing an inefficient and debilitating use of lung, heart and circulatory space.

Most cases report not being able to fully experience what Dr. Rolf called Body Geometry, which is the bodies natural organizing potentials being expressed fully in gravity. The asymmetry and the enhanced affects from the scoliosis make it hard to experience something that is not there.

Water is intelligent to vibration because all matter is energy, and when we see the body as space we understand its potential as dynamic, flowing, and uninhibited. Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Dallas provides the opportunity and technology to address side bends with rotations in the vertebrae and tissue drift's associated with rotoscoliosis. The Rolfing ten series technology is premium and stands alone, but when applied appropriately works well with Orthopedics, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Psychology and Physical Therapy to hopefully resolve some of the problems that arise out of rotoscoliosis.

Rolfing specializes in de-rotating the connective tissue of the thorax and entire body to bring a certain level of balance and peace to beings with rotoscoliosis. The Rolfing technology takes the whole being into consideration when exploring how to work with each individual, seeing them for more than just the product of their environmental conditioning

John Barton, Certified Advanced Rolfer ® & Rolfing ® Fort Worth-Dallas

Certified Rolf Movement ® Practitioner

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