5 Easy Ways to Make Oral Hygiene Fun for the Whole Family

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  • Published May 2, 2024
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As a parent, you know the importance of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash consistently. Of course, getting your children onboard is a whole different story. If you feel like you’ve tried everything but had no success, then keep reading for a few easy ways to make oral hygiene fun for the whole family!

  1. Get New Dental Care Products

Can you remember the last time you replaced your child’s toothbrush? Have you been using the same one for 4+ months? If so, it’s time to purchase new ones. Consider oral hygiene products with your little one’s favorite character or an electric toothbrush for you and your teen. Maybe having something new will spark a little extra motivation to brush each morning and evening!

  1. Play Music While You Brush

There’s a common misconception that dental care is boring. However, there are plenty of ways you can add some fun to brushing and flossing, like playing music! You can also save a two-minute video that your child enjoys for when it’s time to complete their oral hygiene regimen. That way, they have something to look forward to and they know exactly how long to brush each time.

  1. Have a Healthy Bake-Off

Remember, maintaining a healthy, happy smile is about more than brushing; what you eat matters too. After all, over-consumption of foods and drinks with added sugar is one of the leading causes of dental problems like tooth decay. Instead of making certain items completely off-limits, try a different approach: a healthy bake-off. Try brownies with an oatmeal base or cookies with a banana base so you still get that sweet flavor but with lots of added nutrients!

  1. Schedule Your Biannual Visits Together

Sometimes, biannual checkups and cleanings can be a bit intimidating, especially for young children. So, why not make it a family affair? Seeing you or their siblings get in and out of the treatment chair with ease will help calm their nerves. Plus, leading by example goes a long way when it comes to something as important as oral health.

  1. Pick a Reward

Of course, the natural reward for consistent brushing and flossing is a healthy, infection-free smile. That said, you might find it helpful to add something else to the mix, like a weekend at the arcade or dinner at a fun restaurant. This will help keep each member of your family motivated to brush and floss consistently.

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