Some Homeopathic Acne Treatments

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  • Published February 27, 2008
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The acne scars on my face? You tried every possible cream and medicines but still its there. You never even gave a thought for homeopathic acne treatment for those black marks on your face which is making the skin look ugly.

Homeopathic treatment takes time to heel but is effective and with very few side effects. Once you start the treatment, you will see the changes. It goes deep down to your medical history unlike the regular treatment of creams and pills.

It follows some basic rules for the acne treatment:

First, it will figure out the problem of the acne, the type and its characteristics.

Evaluate the mental indications (irritation or anxiousness).

Evaluate patient’s stamina, the facial structure and complexion and the built too.

For homeopathic treatment, one has to take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the person, where hobbies and interests have their place and even sleeping patterns. Basically you need to have a very clear image of the patient so that the treatment can be started. That is why they follow the above main three things which help them for the treatment

The homeopathic acne treatments differs as every individual is different and have their own pros and cons. Homeopathic is natural and effective but when it comes for the complex acne treatment, it is not very effective. Always go to a registered homoeopathist though the treatments are available in shops too. If you go private then it might cost you few dollars but worth spending it. It is natural treatment, cheap and not much side effects. Homeopathic acne treatment is not available everywhere and is very difficult to get someone if you live far away from the town or city. The remedies are collected from practitioners who wrote or discovered these about three centuries ago.

Hot and cold packs are used for the acne treatment and to kill the bacteria’s which are left on the skin a good scrub is used. It also has a healthy diet treatment. Acne can be prevented by having good food and very good personal hygiene. There are some home made remedies too for the homeopathic acne treatment. One has to go through a consistent treatment for completely break-out from the problem for future. They use topical and non-chemical (not harsh) ingredients for medicinal purpose. Usage with proper guidance is required for the homeopathic treatments.

Dosage for homeopathic treatment: they select one dose, and wait for a response. If the homoeopathist sees any improvement or change then the dose is working. So it continues the good work; but not to give another dose till the previous one stops showing improvement as it may cause the slow-down of the remedy then. There are few dosage which a patient has to take in every few hours as per burning or inflammation sensation and some remedies are not schedule but it prescribed as per the individual’s response. In case, if a dose does seem to be working then another doe is given and response is awaited.

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