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  • Published April 13, 2008
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Shine and volume, the indications of healthy hair, enhances beauty and appearance of a person. Hence everyone treasure to posses a shining and dense hair.

Just like the hair texture, these factors are also dependent largely on genes that an offspring obtains from his or her parents.

Passing a comb through the rich and healthy hair can boost your pride. However, if you start losing your hair at an early age, it is equally depressing and alarming. Hair loss is an indication that a person is aging since, with oldness we start losing hairs as the hair follicles weaken and the scalp tissues dehydrate.

Hair loss can, however, unexpectedly occur to young people due to various biological and pathological impacts on hair that can even drive them towards baldness. Hair loss during adolescence or at puberty is seriously alarming and calls for immediate medical attention and treatment.

Nowadays, due to changes in environment and lifestyles, persons belonging to every age group are prone to different types of hair loss.

For proper treatment and cure of hair loss it is necessary to diagnose and determine the particular type of loss that a person is suffering from. Androgenic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss where the hair first starts thinning and then falls in large amount.

Androgenic alopecia resulting in extreme loss is termed as alopecia universalis.

Other prevalent causes of hair loss include stress, excessive depression, trauma, and medical treatment like chemotherapy.

Traction alopecis and trichotillomania are types of hair loss that occurs due to excessive pulling of hair or may result due to some psychological reasons. Special treatments, both medical and cosmetic, are available for hair loss.

People suffering from complete baldness can also opt for synthetic plantation of hair.

Women have always been more conscious about their hairs than their male counterparts. However, men have also started concerning about their hair increasingly than before.

Many pharmaceutical companies have ventured into this area and working towards innovating hair loss medicines exclusively for men to counter hair loss problems. Generic Propecia is the first pill that has been formulated to treat male patterned hair loss on the vertex or at the top of the head.

Case studies have proven the worth of Generic Propecia, which has so far been able to cure 80% of such cases of hair loss.

The drug is approved by the FDA and it is available in leading pharmaceutical stores and online generic pharmacy i.e. Generic Propecia, medically termed as finasteride, prevents the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which is one of the root causes of hair loss in men.

It is advisable to consult your physician and also undergo allergy test before consuming Generic Propecia.

Taking proper care of your hair is the first essential step to prevent hair loss. Excessive use of chemicals, colors, dryer and experimentation in hairstyle often causes serious damage to the hair and thus should be avoided.

A healthy diet, proportionate intake of water and cleaning of the scalp needs to be included in your daily routine to ensure a vibrant and bouncing hair.

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