Sciatic Stretches – Treating Sciatica Through Natural Means

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  • Published September 20, 2008
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Low back pain and sciatica can cause great distress to people, at times

making them unable to carry on routine day to day activities. Treatment

methods can vary depending on what exactly is causing the low back pain or

sciatica and how severe the symptoms are. Medications can help in immediate

relief to patients, especially for those suffering from acute pain. However

the course of treatment and also in cases where symptoms are not so severe,

exercise and sciatic stretches can help in sciatic relief.

The cause for sciatic pain should be identified. Often it could be caused by

some irritation nerve points leading up to the sciatic nerve, pelvic

instability could cause sciatic pain so could some kind of tightening in the

Piriformis muscle. Whatever the cause, sciatic stretches have been

recommended and found to be helpful to address the sciatic pain. Obviously,

the stretches have to address these three areas – the Piriformis muscle,

lower back and pelvis – as they have to target those muscles that cause


First, let us turn our attention to the lower back muscles and joints. The

sciatic nerve starts in this area and it is important that these areas be

corrected first. The best way of tackling problems in the lower back areas

would be to combine both lower back stretched and lower back exercises with

some joint mobility workouts.

Next, we turn to what relief from pelvis instability. Obviously, the pelvis

now needs to be balanced which is achieved with the help of exercises that

not only relax the tightened muscles that cause pain but also strengthen the

supporting muscles.

Finally, these exercises will aid in the realignment of the pelvis. Relief

from pain caused by tightening in the Piriformis muscle can be achieved by

stretches that include flexing the lower spine as also stretching the

muscles at the back near the spine and consequently, stretching the

Piriformis muscle.

One simple exercise to stretch the piriformis and get some relief from the

pain can be mentioned here. Lie flat on your back on the floor. Now hold

your right knee and pull it towards your left shoulder. You have to pull the

knee and the foot across your body. Hold still for about 30 seconds. Repeat

the same with the left knee. In addition to these exercises, hamstring

stretches are also recommended for relief from sciatica pain. This is

because any tightness in the hamstring can put more stress on the lower back

and generally leads to a worsening of the situation.

Care should however be taken to see that hamstring stretches are done

smoothly, that there is no bouncing and muscle spasms are avoided. Further,

Yoga stretches are also found to be fairly effective in sciatica pain relief

when it is caused by problems with Piriformis muscle. Again, certain yoga

stretches do not help sciatica pain relief and in fact can cause more


It has been found that stretches for sciatica pain relief help a great deal

in preventing future pain. However, always keep in mind that sciatica

stretches must be done regularly and correctly to be effective.

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