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  • Published June 29, 2009
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Amazon World Zoo Park is welcoming its visitors! It is one of the most unique parks in the United Kingdom or even in Europe. It is one of the Isle of Wight's biggest attraction as well as having a super collection of exotic and rare animals. It has been the honourable winner of the Top Attraction award. There is a wide range of various gorgeous, weird and wonderful and extraordinary animal species.

Visiting Amazon World Zoo Park it is a great opportunity for you to be nearer to wild nature and so explore its beauty. Let us take a virtual tour to some of the animal's groups.

Primates are our first point of call. They say that people came from monkey and apes. It is not really true or is it? Some similarity in monkey and people behaviours can be tracked. The difference is that almost all monkeys have tails and this tail plays a good role for them as it is used as the monkey's fifth limb. It is its tail that allows the monkey to clamber and equilibrate among trees and branches. What do you feel when you hear a rodent? Well, you must know that a great part of all mammals are rodents. But, you know that the nature is the cycle and animals are divided into predatory and herbivorous. Fortunately for the whole natural cycle and unfortunately for the rodents they are consumed as food by the other animals groups.

The Capybara is considered the biggest rodent among all species of this very group. It resembles a guinea pig and usually inhabits river banks in Central and South America. The Capybara feels fully save and comfortable whether in or out of the water. They are very good swimmers due to their webbed feet. That is why they run away and escape very fast just having a sensation of peril so as not being involved into unpleasant circumstances and eaten by an animal. The rapid streaming river is not an obstacle for capybaras as they overcome it easily. I think it works as survival instinct which can do a lot.

Amazon World Zoo Park can be proud of the very exceptional kind of Porcupine you have a possibility to see the Prehensile-tailed Tree Porcupine. Its barbed and rough spine is a sort of defence from the predatory. If you look more attentively you can see a tail. This physically powerful and supple tail is a useful tool for climbing and seeking for food. Have you ever met a Kinkajou? If your answer is no, then you must see this extraordinary mammal at Amazon World Zoo Park. Do you know that Kinkajou is an arboreal fruit-eating mammal widespread in Central and South America? The Kinkajou belongs to the Raccoon family and has a nice as well as long prehensile tail. The second name for this funny animal is "honey beer" due to the fact that he smashes beehives and is known for robbing all the honey. Parrots are always fun not only for children but also for adults.

These bright-coloured birds with very strong and noisy voices always attract tourists. Also parrots have a very nice and peculiar feature. They imitate human voices. That is why many people want to have them at home as their pets. Once, some time ago I saw some penguins. They are so cute animals. By the way, be careful with them as they are very sensitive and have their own exclusive characters. Enjoy watching how they play and swim.

The Isle of Wight is full of attractions and one of these is Amazon World Zoo Park. It is extremely nice place where animals get the right food and care. It is a chance for people to see wonderful nature.

Isle of Wight Hampshire is full of attractions. There is a big number of what you can see at Amazon World Zoo Park. It is exceptionally fine place where animals get right food and protection. Amazon World Zoo Park is the great IOW attraction and a significant occasion for people to see wonderful nature.

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