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  • Author David Hagerman
  • Published July 8, 2009
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Slingshot Wakeboards- Using Its Kiteboarding Experience To Enrich Wakeboarding

The wakeboarding industry is a highly specialized industry where any and every maker cannot enter in the hope of capturing the market. However, Slingshot is an exception to this norm as it has lots of experience in the world of kiteboarding. Hence, Slingshot wakeboards actually stand at an advantage as they are outsiders as far as wakeboard manufacturing is concerned and this will help them avoid stereotypes and come up with interesting and bold variations in design and technology.

This company was the first to offer wakeboards dedicated solely for cable or winch riding. How is cable riding or winch riding different from riding on the wake created by a motor boat? For starters, there is no wake involved in cable riding. You are pulled by an overhead cable instead of a rope attached to a motor boat. The fact that you are pulled by a rope with an upward slant makes it easier to pop off the surface and stay in the air for a longer duration. In such a scenario, using light wakeboards like Slingshot wakeboards will help you perform even more daring tricks on the move.

The 2009 Reflex Wakeboard has been designed specifically for the cable or winch rider. The primary feature of this wakeboard is the NEW Dura Base™ and the bite-free slide of Park Ready™ tune. This wakeboard has a 3 stage rocker designed to provide maximum upward lift of the wake. If you prefer cable riding over being towed by a motor boat, you should prefer Slingshot wakeboards.

Slingshot wakeboards are made with poplar wood base which is combined with aerospace foam for maximum strength at minimum weight. The elliptical concave shape of the wakeboard enables the individual to move from edge to edge without any difficulty. The rails and the tips of the wakeboards are the weakest part of the boards, structurally speaking. This has been reinforced with High Density Light Weight PVC Rails and tips which provide high resistance to impact.

The 2009 Recoil Wakeboard model is the latest from the product line of Slingshot wakeboards and is designed for all types of wakeboarding activity including being towed by a motorboat.

Unlike other wakeboards, Slingshot wakeboards are hand made. This may sound like a negative aspect but the truth is that machined wakeboards do not always make a better choice than hand made wakeboards. Slingshot wakeboards can easily be custom designed to suit your individual requirements. Machining offers better quality by standardization. You will have to accommodate your requirements to the product specs. This is certainly not the case with Slingshot wakeboards.

The binder forms a very important component of the wakeboard. Owning a good quality wakeboard will be of no use if good quality binders are not attached to the same. The boot board connection in case of Slingshot wakeboards has been reinforced with a 4-hole configuration instead of the standard 2-hole configuration that is used in other wakeboard. This ensures that the binders too last for a long time.

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