When Can A Flower Be Used As A Gift?

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  • Published September 27, 2009
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When can a flower be given as a gift? Flowers are some of the things that are largely given as a gift for many people. Although there are occasions or events in which gifts are given traditionally, such as in Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Mother Mary's Birthday, as well as Christmas, there are instances in which flowers are given as a gift out of traditional events. These events are usually used as a way to express one's feeling through the gift they are giving. And what better gift that can convey one's feeling with the use of flowers.

Flowers have been considered as one of the many gifts that can be used to convey one's feelings. This has been established in Victorian-era as a means for people to convey their feelings to someone without the use of words. This practice is what they call as "Floriography". Floriography was most commonly communicated through Tussie-Mussies, an art which has a following today. So where can flowers be used as gifts?

For conveying one's love - This has been one of the many practices still seen today. When a man courts a woman, the man usually brings a bouquet of flowers, as well as a box of chocolates, to give to the woman. The usual flower used for this are red roses. According to floriography, red roses symbolize deep respect and love, which is why men give red roses to women they deeply respect and love. Pink roses are also used for the occasion. Pink roses, however, signifies a lesser feeling.

As gift for friendship - Giving gifts for friends, such as friendship bands or any other accessories, have been in practice for centuries. Although accessories has largely replaced the use of flowers, some people still use flowers as a sign of friendship. Flowers usually used for this occasions are yellow roses. According to floriography, yellow roses stand for friendship or devotion.

For welcoming a person - These practice are usually seen on airports in which airport personnel give garlands of flowers as a sign of welcoming tourists into their country. The usual flower used for this occasion are Epigaea repens or trailing arbutus. In the Philippines, flower Gifts Philippines for this occasion may involve the use of Sampaguita.

As sign of grieving - Flowers has also been used as gifts in funerals. It is used as a way to show grief for the grieving as well as a sign of respect to the dead and its family. In the Philippines, flower Gifts Philippines for this occasion may involve the use of orchids, usually made into wreaths. This practice is also seen on many parts of the world. Although the use of Aloe and Marigold is also used as a way to convey pain and grief.

For remembering the dead - Flowers are also used as a way to remember and respect the dead. Irises and lilies are used for this as to commemorate the dead and their memories. In the Philippines, flower Gifts Philippines for this occasion may involve the use of any kinds of flowers, may it be roses or lilies. But usually, it also involves the use of orchids.

Other flowers

Other flowers used for this purpose also includes the use of sunflowers, which can indicate either haughtiness or respect – they were the favorite flower of St. Julie Billiart for this reason. Gerbera (daisy) means innocence or purity. The iris, being named for the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology, still represents the sending of a message. A pansy signifies thought, a daffodil regard, and a strand of ivy; fidelity. For more info please visit our website at http://www.flowersexpress.com.ph

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