Barrel Grills and Cart Grills of the New Generation

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  • Author David Urmann
  • Published September 30, 2009
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Grilling can be fun and exciting with barrel grills and cart grills. These were passed on from generation to generation, showcasing improvements and fancier designs as time goes by. There are many barrel grills and cart grills sold either in the local market or online.

Gas grills have multiple varieties but they basically fall into 2 categories: charcoal grills and gas grills. Lately there are also electric indoor grills. Although many people constantly compare the merits of gas grills and charcoal grills, the two remain traditional methods of grilling up to now. However, amongst the two, the most competitive and highly in-demand in the market are charcoal grills.

Charcoal grills come in a range of steel or custom designs. There are 55 gallon oil drums sawed lengthwise to their sides as their grill base and lid, to huge vehicle-sized grills made from brick which weighs almost a ton.

Barrel Grills

Assessing it in its primitive form, barrel grills look like 55 gallon steel barrels sliced in half on a lengthwise manner. Its hinges are attached in order for the top half to form the lid; thus, the bottom half acts as the charcoal chamber. For airflow control, the vents are cut into its top and bottom sections. The lid is attached to the chimney. Along the bottom portion of ½ of the grill, the cooking grids and charcoal grids are installed while its legs are attached to it.

Barrel grills, like kettle grills, are excellent for grilling and barbecuing. When it comes to barbecuing, one end of the barrel has piled-up lit charcoal while the food is placed in the other section of the barrel. Once you close the lid, the heat can be controlled through the vents. Since, barrel grills are an all-time favorite; you will find many basic and fancy designs available commercially.

Here are some of barrel grills sold in the market:

Kingsford 28.5-inch Barrel Grill wit Optional 5pc. Tool Set

This brand of charcoal-fueled barrel grill costs $183.99. Kingsford is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to charcoal-fueled grills. You are assured of quality and satisfaction in terms of your cooking needs.

This barrel grill has more than 830 square inches of pure cooking space. It also features a wooden side and front shelves. It is also portable because of its durable wheels.

The set contains 5 pieces of wooden handles. It also features chrome grill racks, an adjustable charcoal tray, adjustable air dampers, a temperature gauge and a warming rack. The set includes a spatula, fork, grill brush, tongs and a basting brush.

520262 Barrel-Styled Grill

This charcoal-fueled barrel grill costs $145.99. It is created by Landmann USA for household use. Landmann combined the classic design of a barrel grill with fancy sleek interiors. This way, the grill can maintain optimum heat convection as well as circulation, blending perfectly into any type of yard.

This sophisticated-looking barrel grill can provide 339 square inches of pure cooking space, making it perfect for small gatherings or even every day family usage. If you plan to use it on large gatherings, you can keep previously grilled burgers or maintain toasty steak on its 159 square inch warming rack.

Cart Grills

Charcoal-fueled cart grills look similar to typical gas grills. They are generally rectangular in design and they have a cooking grid, hinge grid as well as a charcoal grid. They are mounted onto a cart that has side tables and wheels.

Certain gas grills have their way of adjusting the heat. This is by moving the cooking surface upwards, having the charcoal pan face downwards, through venting or combing all three methods.

Cart grills, although quite expensive, usually feature an ash collection drawer. This ensures that ashes are easily removed wile you are cooking. Since cart grills have a rectangular design, they are also perfect for indirect cooking. With all the features of charcoal-fueled cart grills, they can make the art of charcoal grilling as convenient as that of gas grilling.

A good example of an electric-powered cart grill sold in the market these days is the Meco 9329W Deluxe Electric Cart Grill with Rotisserie (Satin Black). It is perfect for outdoor use but it can be plugged onto any standard household outlet. It features a removable thermostat control equipped with low to high settings, a study cart that has a wooden lower shelf, wooden fold-away side tables and 200 sq. inch of highly usable cooking surface.

You can have it in 3 elemental positions such as vertically for indirect rotisserie cooking. It also has a reflector pan that directs the heat towards the cooking surface. It is priced at $258.57.

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