Amazon Kindle DX Reviews: What Do Kindle Buyers Have To Say About It?

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  • Author Travis Van Slooten
  • Published September 28, 2009
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If you check out the vast number of Amazon Kindle DX reviews available on the internet, you will find a mixed bag. While the DX has received mostly positive reviews, it is impossible to please everyone and many people have some complaints. Many problems people have with the DX are personal issues such as the 12 hour battery not being enough to keep up with their travel-intensive job. But for the vast majority of people, 12 hours is ample time to read for one day. In order to decide if the Kindle DX is right for you, you have to break down the pros and cons.

It is easy to go over the pros of the DX. While it would take too much time to go over everything the Kindle has to offer, you can be sure that it lives up to its promises. Everything the Kindle DX says it does, it does very well. The enormous screen is plenty big enough and the e-ink feature makes it easy to read. Even the most avid readers would be hard-pressed to fill the 3,500 book capacity. The rotating screen is excellent for reading your newspaper subscriptions or even for kid's books with lots of big pictures. The ergonomic design is an improvement as well, making the DX easier to handle.

The Kindle DX still has to contend with some issues though, some of which are not found on the device itself. One big complaint users have is the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) which Amazon has chosen to implement with the DX. Although widely-used before, DRM is now somewhat an outdated method of protecting material, yet it limits the documents that you are able to access on your Kindle. Users find that many of their files will not work with the DX and so one would be forced to buy most reading content from Amazon.

There are also complaints about the organizational abilities, or lack thereof, with the DX. If you have a huge library, your options for sorting and managing your files are limited, making your library hard to navigate. As always, the price must be discussed. The DX is a luxury that many readers just cannot afford, costing nearly as much as a small laptop.

That price does buy you quite a bit with the DX. It buys enough to keep most readers happy for a long time. Of course, the Kindle DX isn't perfect. It does have some issues that may put some people off. But if you are not concerned with the file limitations or the organization options, you may find plenty to love about the new DX. For most people the DX offers everything they want from an ebook reader. And while it may not replace the paper book entirely, there certainly is something to all the hype about the new Kindle DX.

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