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  • Author George Cleanthous
  • Published October 3, 2009
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So here we have another acne "miracle" cure, Bruunhause. But this one actually ticks me off! And I’m not easily ticked off…

To start with, according to their website, this is named the "Strongest Acne Serum in the World". Based on what? Did they actually test this against every possible acne serum available? Was there an independent study done or are they just talking crap?

And straight away I can see that there is no ‘ingredients’ page. I never buy anything unless I know the ingredients. I mean to start with what if you have allergies? I don’t but if I did that would concern me. And the fact that they haven’t considered this shows they have no medical training whatsoever.

I also immediately noticed that there is only 2.2oz in each bottle and a single bottle costs $107!! What’s with that? Even Proactiv, which I have found to be the most expensive acne treatment available short of surgery, is cheaper than that.

So to recap, so far we have a false claim, no ingredients, and a ridiculous price for a small amount of serum. And I haven’t even started reading the content yet!

THEN, I started reading… Their labs are apparently at the "top position in acne and medicinal research". Again, fantastic claim based on what? I already established that if they had medical training of any kind they would have the ingredients posted somewhere, even if it was hard to find. But they don’t. And no support for any of their claims.

Once we get past the first sentence, the next thing that stands out to me is the use of the word "bhatologist". You see this word used in a number of testimonials and content as some kind of health specialist that recommends Bruunhause. This seems to be his only job description because, I don’t know about anyone else but, I’ve never heard of this person. And neither has Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Encarta, Mirriam-Webster, or even the Oxford English Dictionary! Enough said…

The use of this word in testimonials, however, got me a little suspicious so I read the rest of them thoroughly. I’ve read quite a few testimonials for a lot of different products and, even if we ignore the use of the word "bhatologist", they still just don’t seem real to me. Like Zyporex, it’s as though the sellers sat down and came up with these themselves. And when you take into account the face that one of these alleged testimonials is from someone who IS a bhatologist that’s a fair assumption to make.

After this load of nonsense we are introduced to something called "Source Acne Theory". This is an another invented name, this time to label what we all know about how acne develops in the skin, which is, as they describe, "bacteria infected sebum beneath the skin, appearing for numerous reasons". Not very specific and, other than that the name being a little catchy, totally useless.

As we move on we, once again, see the use of an elaborate scientific term, hydronium (H3O). This is the key ingredient of the product, and, in fact, the only one even mentioned. A little research into this (5 minutes) and you will discover that hydronium is an ion found in all water based solutions. Basically, the amount of hydronium ions a solution contains is a basis for discovering the pH of any substance. This means nothing as an ingredient since hydronium ions are found in ALL water based substances including acids, bases, and even PURE WATER! But, assuming they wouldn’t use pure water and would still use a safe acid, this product would have the same effect as salt water. Now if you haven’t checked my previous posts, I already gave a recommendation about using crystal as a treatment for acne (see Treatments for Acne Symptoms). This salt, though not specifically sold as an acne treatment (Shhh! it’s a secret), will be just as effective as this miracle serum "with H3O" but will only cost 1/20th the price of Bruunhause and will last at least 4 times as long.. Which is to say you can find it some places for around $5-6 and your average bar lasts 6 months!

If we (finally) get past the first page, if you consider buying this product (not that you would) you will see they don’t offer a money back guarantee. The number one rule for purchasing online: ALWAYS get a money back guarantee! They don’t have one. So if it doesn’t work, you’re screwed.

There are far better acne treatments with far better offers.

Now to be fair to these, since this will have around the same effect as salt water, it will probably help with acne a little. But then so would the ocean. And are you willing to pay $107 for a sample of sea water? I know I’m not…

George Cleanthous suffered from acne for over 10 years. He researched and investigated acne and acne treatments for over 2 years and he now writes a blog on acne causes, acne treatments, acne symptoms, acne medicine, and general information on how to deal with acne. For the most effective research on acne, visit Acne.

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