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  • Author Teresa Conrad
  • Published November 17, 2009
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" To be a people finder has been one means of giving television viewers a reality drama series as networks take advantage of this profession. In a way those who are looking for their missing loved ones are given a leeway to have their search more fruitful. But there are such cases that being a "people finder" happen to be pure luck and not based on the profession one really does.

The Locator is a television show which became the means of reuniting loved ones from one another. The show is hosted by Troy Dunn, who was motivated to this job when he himself helped his mother in 1990 locate her own biological family. Together with his then-partner, they founded an organization that helps reunite people from those that are considered as un-findable. It was then that he became the Locator.

Troy built a team that made the reuniting people, which has been estimated to be 300 million and counting, more possible than any locator has done. For many years, people have witnessed heartfelt reunions in television through The Locator. Troy Dunn also became very famous with his numerous guest appearances in both US and UK based shows (BBC shows to be more specific). His appearances earned him respect as he time and again brought loved ones together as only they could dream possible.

Troy Dunn became his own people finder as he launched This was launched to help more people than they already were doing. Unlike other people finder searches, Troy’s ways to locate long lost loved ones became very notable for their accurate results. His television show presently helps maintain his private investigator license. Furthermore, an addition to his success is the people who gave their time and effort in getting each and every reuniting feat a success. Troy himself trained his men to be a proficient people finder themselves.

The Locator, Troy Dunn, is but an example of a person who had made himself as means to connect people who have been missing from their loved ones lives for so long. But for any ordinary man to do such a feat (at least be the means of reuniting the lives of separated loved ones) is a possibility. There are times the Fates make ways for such things to happen.


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