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  • Author Chriss Tyrrell
  • Published December 2, 2009
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Unions busted. Manufacturing outsourced to third world countries. International environmental regulations relaxed or eliminated and the list just goes on and on. It really does seem that it’s now gotten to the point where if you grab something off the shelf, you just don't know who or what was abused during its production, packaging transport.

Modern Slavery Still Condoned By the US, Canada and the UK

For instance, did you know that North Korea has a manufacturing zone in its very most southern edge that a key US ally of the US, "South Korea" and South Korean businesses base manufacturing operations in. North Korean citizens are forced to work there for no pay! Products that you undoubtedly have in your home right now. That slave labor!

If Your Government Isn't On the Lookout - Then Who Is?

It really has gotten to the point where you must be on your toes and stay informed lest you inadvertently finance the suffering of some poor unfortunate across the planet or pay for more of the planet to be destroyed when you shop. So if the governments of the US Canada and the UK are knowingly allowing products produced by slavery to cross their borders, who then is looking out for you when you shop for ethical gifts?

Shop Locally For Locally Produced Hand Crafted Gifts

Of course you really can't go wrong shopping at a crafts fair or a boutique that sells locally produced hand crafted gift items. This is one reason why these types of gifts have been undergoing such resurgence in recent times. Also in recent years, the quality and variety in these types of locally produced handmade gifts have definitely picked up.

Shop Online For Fairtrade Certified Ethical Gifts

Then if you want to shop online for ethical gifts and be "100% sure" that whatever it is that you buy is completely ethical in all aspects of its production, there is always Fairtrade gifts. If you haven't yet heard of this organization then read on because what they have done and are continuing to do is completely refreshing.

With Fairtrade Employees are Paid a "Fair & Livable" Wage

Fairtrade is a "hands & eyes on" organization that actually has people in place in third world countries to certify what is being produced as ethical. In order to qualify employees must be paid fair livable wages and the local environment must also be treated ethically and fairly, in spite of the laws of the land, if there even are any environmental laws in place.

Non Sweat Shop or Child Labor Clothes from India and Thailand

Think of almost any developing country and almost any type of gift item that's produced in these countries and Fairtrade representatives are there right now certifying them. All types of indigenous jewelry and crafts, exotic hand crafted silks, delicately crafted baskets and purses and even exquisitely made clothing from textile centers like Thailand and India that you "can know" weren't produced in a sweatshop or by forced child labor.

Chris Tyrrell writes for Just Trade, an organisation that promotes and develops third world manufacturers. Visit the Just Trade ethical products website.

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