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  • Published November 29, 2009
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Originally founded in Hamburg Germany in 1901 by a stationer named Claus Johannes Voss, Mont Blanc originally began with the name Simplo Fuller Pen Company. Over the past century however, this company has gone through a number of changes and now in fact features a quite extensive lineup of luxury items including of course, exquisite hand crafted pens and writing instruments.

The Very First Pens Were Made at the Turn of the Century

Their original pen line traces its roots back to 1909, with the introduction of the Rouge Et Noir. This in turn was followed one year later in 1910 by the Mont Blanc pen. This of course was the pen that was to be the inspiration for the company’s new name. The very first pen to be introduced under the Mont Blanc name was the Meisterstuck, which was introduced to market in 1925.

Mont Blanc Translates Into "White Mountain"

The number 4810 is a recurring theme in the Mont Blanc pen range. The number is simply the height of the mountain by which the company got its name. By the way, the name itself, Mont Blanc is French and translates directly into "White Mountain". Now some of the limited edition pens that they produce are numbered up to 4810. However; some limited edition Mont Blanc Pens are produced into the tens of thousands.

The Patron of the Arts Series

Another place you'll find a quirky use of numbers in a limited edition line of their pens, is in their Patron of the Arts Series. These pens are numbered up to 888, which is a number many Asian cultures consider to be extremely lucky. Those facts, combined with the variety of precious stones that adorn these intricately crafted special edition pens make them an unusually hot commodity in Asian markets.

The Very Popular Mont Blanc Writers Series

Even so, it's their Writers Edition special limited release pens that have been consistently sought after by a far broader range of pen collectors around the globe. To begin with, they're less expensive and therefore far more attainable. While lacking in the precious stone accoutrements of the Patron of the Arts Series, the Writers Series none the less hold their own ground with sheer precision craftsmanship and the fact that each pen is adorned with a famous artist’s signature in miniature.

Their Donation Series and its 2009 "Signature for Good" Release

One particular Mont Bland series of pens that stands apart from the rest is their Donation Series. This is a series of Mont Blanc pens that was created for the express purpose of raising funds for worthwhile charities around the globe. While in the past this series of pens has generated huge amounts of money to support the classical arts, the most recent 2009 release has brought fresh new change. This "Signature for Good" release will generate some $1.5 million for UNICEF this year alone.

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