Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Women

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  • Author Scott Moger
  • Published December 14, 2009
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Christmas is here again and it is time to shop. I have found that it is easier to shop online with a list. When you have your Christmas Shopping gift list already determined it is so much easier to purchase your Christmas presents and gifts. Online shopping offers stress free shopping without the crowds or the waiting lines. Here are the Top Ten Christmas gifts for women; you can pull some ideas off of this list for your Christmas shopping.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are one the top ten gifts that you can purchase a woman. They come in a variety of name brands, sizes and colors and are loved by all women. These bags are used to carry everything extra that is too big to fit into a purse. They often carry diapers, toys, folders, business papers and an assortment of items that is too long a list to name. They are priced from ten dollars on up.

Mini Laptop

The new mini laptops are inexpensive and easy to transport. They offer continual internet service and can be used wherever you travel. Women love these lap tops. They are available through HP, Acer, and Samsung and they come in a variety of colors. They are priced around three hundred dollars.

IPOD Nano Camera

The IPOD Nano Camera is one of the top ten Christmas gifts for women. This amazing IPOD can play movies, music and now take pictures. They are priced around $170.00.


Jewelry is one of the top ten gifts for women and I’m sure always will be. Here is a specific example of a jewelry gift that women love: Louis Comfort Tiffany earrings. These designer earrings are unique and attractive. They price around 45.00. Women love necklaces, earrings and rings. Have fun finding an item that they personally will love.

Bath Stuff

Every woman loves bath stuff and they rate on their top ten Christmas gift list. Purchase bath oils or scented lotion or shower gel. These range in price around ten dollars a bottle.

Candles & Candle Accessories

Candles and candle accessories are next on the top ten Christmas gift list for women. Candles are relaxing, sweet smelling and beautiful to look at. Select from accessory items such as lantern lights and reed diffusers. Candle gifts range in price from ten dollars on up.

Cozy Slippers and Robe

A relaxing robe and or cozy slippers are one of the top ten Christmas gifts for women. They love relaxing and lounging in the comfort of their home with beautiful and comfortable robes and slippers. They range in price from 20.00 on up.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are another top ten Christmas gift idea for women. Picture frames come in all sorts of shapes and styles and are fun ways to brighten up the home. They range in price from ten dollars on up.

Writing Journal

There are so many beautiful writing journals. Women enjoy writing down memories and activities that need to be accomplished in pretty journals. They come in all colors, patterns and materials. Unique and beautiful journals are on the top ten Christmas presents list for women.

Hopefully, you are able to pull some creative and fun ideas for your Christmas list from these top ten items. Enjoy your online shopping and start prepared with a list.

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