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  • Author Chelsea Francis
  • Published December 9, 2009
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If you are one of the increasing number of individuals being diagnosed with presbyopia and are overly concerned about it, don’t be.

You are not alone. Onset presbyopia (difficulty focusing up close) is occurring to more people as the segment of the population 35 years of age and older grows. Within the next decade, that segment will increase by an additional 16 million. Changes in lifestyles, both at work and home, have made more demands on our near vision. Computer screens, I-phones, and PDAs, etc., keep our eyes busy many hours a day and is contributing to the population experiencing presbyopia earlier than previous generations.

Despite what one may think, contact lens users do not have to give in to the wearing of half eyes, bifocals, or reading glasses. The good news is that they can continue enjoying the benefits of contacts by switching to multi-focals. Even though multi-focal lenses exist, eye care professionals state only 2 out of 5 presbyopic patients realize they are available—or that these lenses can correct their condition. Multi-focals work similarly to progressive eyeglasses, as they have a range of powers in each lens. One’s visual system learns to choose the proper power depending on how close or distant the focus. As it turns out in most cases, this adaptation occurs without difficulty—making multi-focals a viable alternative to monovision (a contact lens application where one eye is corrected for distance and the other for near vision).

Eye care professionals, seeing increasing satisfaction with fittings, are being encouraged to make patients aware of PureVision Multi-Focals, lenses which are among the leaders in correcting presbyopia. They allow wearers to focus at all distances, providing clear intermediate vision with easy transition to far and near. Active individuals hindered by glasses can now go from reading a book to using the computer or taking a drive with a renewed sense of freedom.

Comfort has been enhanced in the PureVision Multi-Focals by the lens’ silicone hydrogel construction, in this case the trademarked AerGel material, which minimizes the buildup of dust, debris and proteins that can collect on the lens. They also stay moist and allow proper oxygen permeability, promoting healthy eyes. An innovative rounded-edge design contributes to the feeling of not wearing any contact lens at all.

Over 80% of multi-focal contact users state these lenses do not cause any interference or disruption in their lives. PureVision Multi-Focals also do much to preserve youthful appearance and confidence.

PureVision Multi-Focals have been approved for daily wear, or continuous wear up to thirty days. As always, consult your eye care professional in determining what is best suited for you.

Chelsea Francis

Research & Marketing

Contact Lens King



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