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Often consumers face the unenviable situation having to make many monthly payments to a myriad of creditors. A consumer may have an average of six-to-eight separate monthly payments including three or four credit cards, one or two automobile loans, a home loan and possibly others. It is easy to get in over your head, but, for Australian homeowners, there may just be some relief.

Refinancing Through a New Home Mortgage May Help

There is a distinct possibility that as a homeowner you may qualify for a consolidation loan that will allow you to roll all your monthly debt payments into one. In many situations, due to favourable interest rates, a single monthly payment may be less than the combined amounts previously paid each month. For many Australian homeowners, this is great advice.

So, How Does Mortgage Refinancing Work?

Basically, you will obtain a new loan on the property you already own. The old mortgage will be paid off and the rest of the loan proceeds can go toward paying off your outstanding debt. Typically, a new mortgage will be issued at a much more favourable rate and terms than the original presenting some immediate savings. Homeowners gain several advantages refinancing property for debt consolidation including:

• Your new loan will have favourable terms

• Refinanced loans typically carry lower interest rates

• Refinanced mortgages will extend the time of term for repayments

• Consolidated debt mortgage loans typically produce a lower monthly repayment compared to the combined monthly debt payments

• Equity allows for draw down offset accounts

Why is a Debt Consolidation Loan a Good Idea?

You are sitting there with a number of monthly debt payments all bearing different interest charges. Many monthly instalment accounts, such as credit cards, carry far greater interest fees than a refinanced mortgage will. Furthermore, many separate payments will also carry their own "handling" and other monthly fees that would be eliminated with a one-repayment per month refinanced home loan. And, typically, after paying off all your instalment debt, your new one-repayment amount per month should be significant more convenient than what you were making in the past with all your combined monthly payments.

Use the Calculator for Added Information

If you are interested in finding out just how much you possibly can borrow, use one of the many online mortgage calculators. Almost every major mortgage website offers a variety of online tools that help consumers get information about mortgages and all the varying factors that affect its issue. Consumers can input different snippets of information, using many different variables to arrive at a number of alternate scenarios concerning interest rates, length, amounts, qualification requirements and much more. Consumers can use mortgage calculators to design the cheapest loan possible to use for debt consolidation. Using a calculator, a homeowner can get a good look at the best way to use the equity in a home for debt payment and other purposes.

Although these online calculators are accompanied with use instructions, it is always a better idea to discuss your personal finance situations with a professional.

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