Non profit debt consolidation – Are they really non profit?

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  • Published January 14, 2010
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When you seek help with your debt you may look around for companies that manage your debts for you. With help from these companies all you need to do is make one big payment for all your debts and they will take care to disburse the payments to your creditors.

Usually people take up such services if they cannot manage their own debts. You may have problems with payment, may not be able to co ordinate with lenders on time. Such consolidation companies help manage your debts on your behalf. There are scam companies that you must recognize and avoid. It is always better to go in for debt consolidation non profit organizations.

Though non profit debt consolidation companies say they are non-profit, they usually do charge some fees towards the service that they provide you.

Things to know about a non profit debt consolidation company

• The first thing to know is that a non-profit organization may not really be non-profit. They usually charge a fee for their services. However the fees charged is not unreasonable but deserving.

• Such companies are usually reliable when consolidating your debt. They will negotiate with your creditors to lower the payment amount or at least the interest that the creditors are charging on your account so that you can pay off the debt smoothly.

• These organizations assess your financial conditions and after considering all obligations including your debt and income will consolidate as much as possible. They may even renegotiate terms with creditors for an extended re-payment plan.

• These organizations may also offer budgeting services along with dealing with the actual debt. They will advise you on how to prepare a budget, how to manage your check book as well as how to use your credit card (s) appropriately.

Debt consolidation can be really helpful if you are having a difficult time managing your debts. But beware of scams. Do your research before settling for any company. Remember you are already in debt and losing money to a fraud company will take you in to deeper troubles.

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