How You Can Refinance Your Mortgage And Save Big Today

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  • Published January 21, 2010
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If you feel like you are being eaten alive by your mortgage payments, you are not alone. Many borrowers who initially agreed to an adjustable rate mortgage are now feeling the brunt of increased payments due to adjusted interest. Or perhaps you have a fixed rate mortgage, but due to a decline in income you are struggling to make the payments that must be made to keep your home. You should consider refinancing your mortgage today to save a bundle.

Save Your Credit Score By Refinancing

Oftentimes, those who signed on for an adjustable rate mortgage did not really understand what they were getting themselves into. An adjustable rate mortgage does just what the names implies, it adjusts periodically based on market conditions and other factors that are determined by the financial markets. Perhaps you are now struggling to meet the payment on your mortgage that has now ballooned out of control. Many people are forced into bankruptcy or foreclosure due to the adjustable rate mortgage. Whether you have a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage, if you are having difficulty making your monthly payments, you should attempt to refinance immediately.

Every time that you are late on your mortgage payment you do irreversible damage to your credit rating. Most homeowners do not understand the full implication of making late payments, but the fact of the matter is that late payments are the most derogatory notations that can be entered onto your credit report (other than bankruptcy) and should be avoided at all costs. If you have been late in the past, you should definitely consider refinancing to get a lower payment amount on your current mortgage.

Getting A Fixed Lower Rate

When refinancing, choose a fixed rate mortgage that allows you to make a predictable monthly payment that can fit your budget. Your home is the most important asset you will ever own, so make certain that you do not agree to payment amounts that are truly not within your range. You can refinance your mortgage on terms of up to thirty years, and refinancing for a longer period of time will garner you lower payments each month.

Additionally, many borrowers find that when they refinance they are given a lower interest rate. Perhaps your credit has improved since the mortgage was written, or maybe mortgage rates have dropped. Refinancing to just a half point lower can save you thousands over the life of the mortgage.

Special Deals When Refinancing

Be aware prior to refinancing your existing mortgage that there are additional costs to be paid that are associated with your refinance, just as when you took the mortgage out originally. Look for a lender who offers to share these costs or absorb them completely, such as the cost of appraisals, filing fees, and more. Many lenders are willing to do just that to secure your business.

Online lenders offer traditionally lower rates on mortgage refinance than do local banks that you might have dealt with in the past. Do not feel that you must be loyal to your original lender when refinancing your current mortgage - remember the name of the game is to save money and get your finances back on track.

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