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  • Author Jennifer Belschner
  • Published December 16, 2009
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The Congo Outing swing set is Gorilla's entry level playset. Don't let the words "entry level" deceive you. The quality in this playground is the same quality you would find in Gorillas more expensive playsets. By entry level, I am simply referring to the price point. The Congo Outing can be found at major retailers throughout the USA for under $1,000.00 with shipping included.

When I first saw this swingset in person I was blown away with the quality. Factory stained wood that has a rustic appeal. While this play ground is compact in size, approximately 15' x 12' x 11', it is not lacking in features. This set offers 2 Belted Swings, 1 Trapeze Bar, Rock Wall, Climbing Rope, 8' Slide, Sandbox and Ladder. Being a more compact swing set, this is perfect for smaller spaces. Keep in mind that like all playgrounds, a minimum of a 6' safety perimeter is required.

In regards to safety, the Congo Outing, like all Gorilla Playsets, goes above and beyond regulations to ensure that all children have a safe environment to play on. This is evident in the design. The Congo is constructed of 4" x 4" framing and a 4" x 6" Swing Beam. All Swing Beams come with Iron Ductile Swing Hangers. These are heavy duty, even though this is a residential swing set. Gorilla uses angled ladders, along with flat steps, for safe entry and exit.

Assembly took us a little over 55 hours and I would not consider my husband and I handy people. The key to the assembly process is staying organized. There are a lot of parts to misplace so be cautious. I have heard horror stories about shipping damage and missing parts. I can say that our experience was anything but that.

Overall, the kids love this swingset, which in turns means I love this swingset. I recommend this playset and the Gorilla brand.

Jen is a freelance writer. For more information on Congo Swing Sets or Gorilla Playsets, please visit Buy Swing Sets.

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